Friday, February 15, 2013

Clone Wars: Sabotage Review.

Clone Wars fans are having trouble watching the episodes online, I have posted the episode in its entirety in good quality.

Since some  Hope you enjoy and then please read my review and comment.
“Sabotage” is the first of a four part story arc centered around Ahsoka and the final story arc of this disappointing season. This review will have minimal spoilers and anything big will have ample warning. “Sabotage” was a pleasant surprise, opening with a very cool space battle featuring the buzz droids. However, the main focus of the episode was on a mystery which Ahsoka and Anakin were sent to investigate. This episode seems to have been named after Alfred Hitchcock’s film Sabotage, that I have just watched a few weeks ago and features some similar plot points. Basically, “Sabotage” is a hard-boiled detective story with a very noir setting. It reminded me a lot of Blade Runner with the backgrounds and the use lighting and, the episode contained some very dark and violent material, including a severed hand.  While I do not want to spoil a important plot point, there was one part that did not make any sense and seemed very forced, but other than that, it was a fantastic episode.
Overall: 9:2/10- Overall “Sabotage” is the best episode that did not contain Darth Maul and offered a new type of genre for the series.
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  1. I never watch Clone Wars. Do you think I should start?


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