Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clone Wars: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much Review.

Here is "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" in its entirety and in good quality. Hopefully there are still fans of the series left that are watching because this episode was incredible! This review is mostly spoiler free, but I will give a warning before any possible spoilers.
"The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" continues after the previous episode "Sabotage" and features Grand Moff Tarkin. This episode left me speechless, possibly the best episode of the season thus far. The level of emotion in the animation is unprecedented, no other animated series or movie is at this level right now. Ahsoka really shinned this episode and I would have to say that I am officially a fan of her character now. Easily one of, if not the best, Ahsoka episode yet. The episode is named after another one of Alfred Hitchcock's classic films "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and I noticed many references to the film in this episode. This episode featured one of the best chase scenes I have ever seen taking nearly half the episode. However, it was definitely not lacking in plot with one of the best ending scenes of any Clone Wars episodes. The music was another highlight of "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much", one of my new favorite tracks.
*Spoiler* When Anakin confronted Ahsoka in the tunnel, the level of emotion the animators and actors conveyed was stunning. It reached new a whole other level of drama that has never been seen in the series before. Also it reminded be of dam scene from Harrison Ford's The Fugitive. *End of Spoiler* 

Overall 10/10- Overall "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" had the perfect blend of action, drama and character interaction, it will go down as one of the best episodes this series has to offer.

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  2. I watched that episode yesterday and thought it was pretty good.

  3. @Vincent: Glad you decided to the series. The episode would be even better if you have seen the previous episodes.



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