Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inception Analysis.

As you may know, Inception is one my favorite films of all-time and it was the first film that I reviewed. Inception was the first movie that made me think critically about film and later led to the beginning of my movie reviews. After another viewing of Inception I found some analysis of the film that puts a different spin on what I thought actually happened in the movie. Because it is an analysis, spoilers are ahead. 
One of the many complex mysteries of Inception is, did Cobb actually leave the dream in the end of the film? Or an even more fascinating concept, was Cobb in the dream the entire film? That is what these videos below explore. Although they are long, Inception fans like myself should definitely watch them. In a way, this post is Level One of the dream were I introduce the idea and in subsequent posts I give my thoughts on different possibilities as to how the film actually ended. Please watch the videos and comment below.

Warning: The video does contain a scene from the film, which has one instance of swearing.

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  1. I think it's very likely he was either in the dream the entire time, or continued to be in the dream at the end, considering how it was written, and variables in the story. I thought it was a great film, but I figured it out relatively quick, and so I got bored about thirty minutes in (it was so...long) because I knew what was going to take place. I guess that's the writer in me! LOL

    Thanks for posting. :)


  2. Great post - Inception is one of my favorite movies too. It's really something else.

  3. @Alexandra Lanc: Interesting. While I believe it could go either way depending upon what the viewer sees, I think he probably made it out of dream (not wearing his wedding ring). Thanks for the thoughtful comment. :)

    @Stilwater: Thanks, and glad you agree.


  4. In my opinion, the ending of Inception has nothing with the moods of Nolan's other films. He tells stories, regardless of how his other ones are told. You can't put him in a box like that. He is a genius.

    I believe that Cobb made it out of the dream. Even if that ending is "too happy", it doesn't make the film less beautiful and complex. I mean, think about how he lost everything else! The little details of the ring and his children's appearances are the things that people can subconsciously pick up on. Anyone can assume that Cobb was in a dream the whole time, or was incepted, or that the audience is dreaming, but not everyone can see the story as a whole.

    As to the characters not being fleshed out enough, I find that ridiculous. Maybe you don't know their backstories, but you know the extent of their relationships with Cobb, and as much as I would like to believe that Arthur is the main character, I know that Cobb is.

    Inception definitely showed people the art in cinema.


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