Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 Superbowl Commercials.

Here are my Top 10 Superbowl Commercials ranked by how funny they were. While this year was again disappointing in terms of commercials, I have managed to collect a list of what I thought were the funniest commercials of Superbowl XLVII. This list will not include movie trailers, that is for another post. Thanks everyone who voted on yesterday's Reader's Choice. You can still click on this link and vote if you have not voted already. Tomorrow I will post the review for Doctor Who: "Angels Take Manhattan.  
On a side note, the half-time show was the worst yet! Hopefully they will get some classic rock band or Daft Punk (extremely unlikely) to performance next year.

At Number 10: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | "Team"

There is not much that needs to be said about this one, it was just funny.

At Number 9: Samsung Mobile USA - The Next Big Thing

Although I have never heard of Bob Odenkirk before this ad, Seth Rogan was funny and it was a decent commercial overall.

At Number 8: AXE Lifeguard

Was I the only one that thought of Doctor Who and the impossible astronaut when it aired?

At Number 7: Cam Newton for PLAY 60

This one really made me laugh, that kid is hilarious!

At Number 6: Milk Mustache Campaign Super Bowl XLVII TV Commercial

This is one of the best thing I have seen the Rock star in yet.

At Number 5: "Hotbots" 2014 Kia Forte Big Game Car Ad

Simple slapstick comedy, but it was effective.

At Number 4: PSY | Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' Super Bowl 2013 Ad

"Crackin's Gangnam Stlye!" I found this to be very funny. Great use of the song to promote the product.

At Number 3: Doritos® - Fashionista Daddy -- Crash the Super Bowl 2013

This was the first commercial of the Superbowl that made me laugh out loud.

At Number 2: Miracle Stain

This commercial was inventive and original, no question, one of the best ads of the Superbowl.

At Number 1: Leon Sandcastle

Although you would have to be a football fan to truly understand why it is so funny, it was both hilarious and original!

It may not be funny, but it is inspiring and a perfect tribute to our Nation's backbone, the farmer.

What was your favorite ad of the Superbowl? Please comment below.

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  1. Pretty good list...I liked the Oreo library one it particular. But it was a truly terrible year for commercials. Last year's were significantly better.

    Disagree about the half time show though. I thought that it was probably one of the better ones that I have seen. Certainly better than watching the old mean Madonna last year.

  2. I agree w/ your top three. I only saw about half the ones on your list b/c we skip commercials most of the time. My favorites, though, were Oreo's whisper fight and one by doritos we found online called "Goat for Sale"
    Have you tried avoiding the 'halftime show" Next year's 'act" will probably be a rapper...

  3. Okay, my favorites where the Doritos, Miracle Stain, Pistachios and the milk one! "Is that my wedding dress?" LOL

    I'm glad you enjoyed most of the superbowl. I didn't see it, I stayed up til midnight though with my best friends watching Transformers 3 and The Avengers, so it was a great Sunday night for me! :D


  4. By the way, I awarded you at my blog!!! :) Here's the link!


  5. HaHa! Yeah, they had some good ones but my favorite was The Rock. That was awesome! :)

  6. Hey James! I gave you an award (I know you've already got one, though) :P

  7. I didn't get to see the Super Bowl so I'm glad you put this up! I love the Doritos commercial!
    I liked the Doritos Goat one too. :D

  8. @Jordan: Forgot about the Oreo one, it would have made my list if I had remembered it.

    Well, I am not into modern music, the Rolling Stones and The Who were my favorite Superbowl performances.

    @JT: Forgot about the Oreo one. I usually skip the commercials too, the Superbowl is the only exception. So, do you have a DVR or TiVo? I saw the "Goat for Sale" too, it was actually made my someone from my state, but I did not really laugh much though.
    After five minutes I skipped the performance, and you're are right, it will probably be a rapper next. What will the world come to when rappers are considered "Classic"...

    @Jamie: LOL, glad you liked them! Did you enjoy Transformers 3? I thought it was good, but not as good as the first one.

    @Jake P: Yes, The Rock was awesome! :)

    @Vincent the awesome: Glad we agree.

    @Solace Utara: Thanks, I will try and post it Saturday. :)

    @Sith Photographer: I liked the Goat one too, just not quite as much as the rest. :D



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