Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Funny Pictures and an Announcement.

Here are some more funny pictures. If you have not read yesterday's post, I will be making a video answering questions you might have about. On tomorrow's post please comment asking Jacob and I just about anything you want to know about us.
Note: Sorry if I have not replied to many e-mails lately, my e-mail is freezing up and will not let me reply to messages.

Note: This picture did not render well for some reason.

If you want to contact us or have any question please send an e-mail to


  1. Lol these are GREAT XD Especially the "Toyota" one. I would have been almost as happy with the Yoda, honestly.

  2. I liked the elavader the most. Sorry I have not bean commenting that much, I have bean very busy lately.

  3. I love the Doctor one...even though I have never even seen Doctor Who...

  4. LOL, awesome pictures!! :D I love the Star Wars and Doctor Who related ones :)And the one of Luke screaming 'NO!' is classic! :D

  5. Very funny. The Facebook request one and the Elevader are great, but I don't get the "I am the 1%" one. Simply meaning he's the last one?

  6. LOL I love them! My fav was 'you'll get a car they said' one. Honestly, I want the Yoda toy more than the car..

  7. @Sith Photographer: I would rather angry my self. XD

    @Vincent: That's alright, thanks for commenting!

    @Padme Arya: Thanks, you need to watch Doctor Who, you might like it.

    @Shena Tokala: Thanks! :D

    @JT: Yes, that is what I believe it means. Not entirely sure if I get it myself.

    @Solace Utara: Lol that's a great one! I actually heard about in the news a few years ago.



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