Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peter Jackson Cameos in LOTR: Trivia Questions and Answers.

For last week's trivia I asked "How many cameos did Peter Jackson make in the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Can you name where?" and there many answers, most of which were correct. Because it seems like a fun idea, I decided to show all of Peter Jackson's cameos throughout the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and have some Middle Earth trivia questions at the end.

Jackson as some random guy with a carrot. This is one of his most well know cameos and one of the easiest to spot. Arda was the first to answer this one correctly.

Spear throwing solider in the Two Towers, answered first by Eldra.

The arrow is not pointing at Peter Jackson.
In the Return of the King Extended Edition, Peter Jackson makes a rather humorous cameo as the Umbar Corsair that Legolas shoot with an arrow. JT was the first to answer correctly.

There is one more possible Peter Jackson cameo that I have yet to confirm that Vellvin cited in last week's trivia questions. She said he was "Sam's hand just after Shelob's bitten Frodo". If anyone knows something to confirm this like a picture or website comment below.

Although this is not part of the trivia answers, Peter Jackson did make a brief appearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as a Dwarf fleeing during Smaug's attack.

Here are today's trivia questions.
What does the "J.R.R." in J.R.R. Tolkein's oft abbreviated name represent?
Where does Legolas come from?
How is the youngest of the 13 Dwarves?
In the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (film not book), who were the first four Dwarves to enter Bilbo's home?

Last week's trivia answers, which Shena Tokala answered correctly.
What did Uncle Owen from Star Wars do for a living (job)?
Answer: Moisture Farmer

What was Leia's starship at the beginning of Star Wars named?
Answer: Tantive IV

Name the movie and character that these quotes are from: "I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid-a-- decision, I've elected to ignore it."
Answer: The Avengers, Nick Fury

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  1. I know all these off the top of my head, so I abstain from answering art this time.

  2. I don't know the answers but those pictures were REALLY interesting!!!

  3. The first one was John Reynold Reuel Tolkien...and Kili is the youngest of the dwarves. Right? :)

  4. Helen was so close. The answer to number one is John RONALD Ruel
    #2 is Mirkwood forest. (north of LOTR territory, you would never get this right if you only watched the films)
    #3 is yes, Kili.
    #4 is Dwalin, Balin, and Fili/Kili

  5. This doesn't have anything to do with the post but oh well. Anyway, I thought of you tonight because Kayla and I watched a Harrison Ford movie and I wondered if you'd seen it. It's called Air Force One and it SO. GOOD. Highly recommend it if you haven't seen it!


  6. @JT: Thanks for spoiling the fun for everyone. Now I just need to find some Middle Earth trivia that you do not know, that will my next goal.

    @Sith Photographer: Glad you found it interesting!

    @Helen: You are correct on the second question but almost got it on the Tolkien question. :)

    @Jamie: Yes I have and I agree it was great! It was basically Die Hard on a Plane. Also Gary Oldman was a great villian. "Get off my plane!" Love that line.


  7. You asked about Peter Jackson's hand after Frodo's stabbed by Shelob. Yes, it's true that Peter dressed up in Sam's outfit and acted out the single shot because he wasn't satisfied with anyone else's performance. (This was during a point where Sean Astin wasn't on set.)

  8. @JT: Sorry JT for sounding like a jerk. I serious meant to say "not" spoiling the fun for everyone. Honest, I forgot "not" again. Really sorry, thanks for the comment, just re-read my comment and noticed that.

    @Eldra: I did not know that, thanks for explaining. :)


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