Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Video Answers Part 1.

Here is my video answering your questions and after hours of editing the video is finally posted! Because YouTube only lets me post a maximum of 15 minutes of video, therefore it will be released in two parts, one today and another tomorrow. I added pictures, movie clips and captions to keep the video interesting and maybe even humorous. Due to the quality of our microphone, there are some strange buzzing sounds. Also I was difficult to understand because I was nervous; hopefully you could understand what my brother and I said. Below are you questions that are covered in the video. Please comment below with your thoughts about our video, but please remember this first time on camera.  

Shena Tokala (sorry if I pronounced your name wrong.)

1: What do you hope to see in the Avengers 2, film?

2: If you could meet a fictional person and a famous historical figure who would you want them to be?

3: What are your favorite TV shows and what shows would you like to watch that you haven't started yet?

4: If you could work on a film, what job would be the most interesting for you?

5: Which Marvel movie are you looking forward to the most? 

6: Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters?

7: What are your favorite scenes in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith?

8: Which Star Wars books have you read and which ones do you want to read?

9: Favorite season? 

10: Favorite holiday?

11: What are your favorite Doctor Who and Sherlock episodes?

12: Who are your favorite Jedi?

13: If you could meet five of the Avengers cast, who would you want to meet?

14: What is the worst movie you have ever watched?


How would you suggest getting into EU?

Are the things you blog about simply hobbies, or would you like to make a career of them?

Favorite genre of music?


We all know Darth Vader is your favorite character in all fiction but like me you don't really care for Anakin. Do you see Vader and Anakin as the same person or as two different people? Why? And do you think Anakin was the greatest Jedi or does someone else deserve that title, like Obi-Wan?

If one was to start watching Dr Who, where should they start? At the very beginning or with Dr Nine?

Call of Duty or Halo?

What are some things you think could get messed up in the Star Wars universe now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and will be making more movies? Do you have high hopes that the old actors will return for their roles?

What are some of your thoughts about the huge Tom Hiddelston/Loki fandom that exists in the female side of the Avengers fandom?

Can you put your favorite avengers in any sort of order or is that too hard?

If you want to contact us or have any question please send an e-mail to


  1. SQUEEEEE I'm so excited to see you guys 'in real life'---finally! I'm so glad Kayla and I inspired you to do your own video! We should do another sometime soon. I'm going to be commenting as I watch.....

    You both have flippin' awesome shirts--just sayin'.

    Neither of you seem nervous and I can understand you easily. I also like how you were able to insert pics and video clips into your video.

    I love your obvious enthusiasm for Samuel L Jackson!

    OMG I love your two reactions to my Call of Duty or Halo question. Even though I've never played either, all my guy friends have such awesome reactions to this question!


    Thanks for answering all my questions, I liked your answers and I'm looking forward to seeing the second part!


  2. Wow, that was really cool!! :) I understood you both fine :)

    Really cool shirts! :D

    Thanks for answering my questions! :D You had some really good answers and I liked hearing them.

    That's really neat you could be related to Robert E. Lee- I remember liking him when I was studying the Civil War.

    I agree with you on favorite Harry Potter characters and favorite scene in ROTS- those are my favorites as well. :)

    I hope you like Fatal Alliance- it is really good and I enjoyed reading it(Satele Shan is epic).

    I loved The Reichenbach Fall as well- it was so exciting! :D I haven't seen all of the Doctor Who episodes you mentioned yet but the ones I did, I agree, were really awesome! :)

    Sorry for making you pick only five- but yes, I'd like to meet the same actors

    Yeah, I went back a couple of months ago and watched parts of Batman and Robin and I agree, it was awful and hard to watch.

    Looking forward to the next part! :D

  3. I finally know what you look like!!!
    I really loved the video. :D

  4. Thanks for doing this! I bet it was a lot of work! Robert E. Lee for the win!

    Also, thanks for your suggestions. I'll be off to read those soon!


  5. AWESOME VID, James and Jacob! Can't wait to see the second part! :D You've done a really good job with this! :D :D :D

  6. @Jamie: Glad I was able to make the video! And yes, YOU NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO!!!! I also learned from your videos that I needed to be prepared when before making the video.

    Thanks, but still not as cool as your Darth Vader coat thing.

    Sam L. Jackson is the FREAKING MAN!

    Of crouse! Where would I be without the Loki fangirls.

    My brother and I are not very violent but that was the closest I've come to wanting him to strangle him! If you couldn't tell that from my expression.

    Thanks for asking the questions and your also fun and entertainging reactions!

    @Shena Tokala: Thanks, I wasn't sure because I mummble a lot.

    Thank you and thank you for asking the questions! :D

    Can't wait to read it! She was epic in the trailer, plus she's Revan and Bastlia's grand-daughter or something like that.

    Hope you like those Doctor Who episodes. :)

    That's alright, but I bent the rules a little. lol :D

    I tried to watch it again also so I could write a review trashing it but I just could not sit through it.

    @Sith Photographer: Yep, I'm an average looking white nerd. :D Thanks!

    billyBobjoe: Yes it was, thanks for the questions. Yes! A fellow Confederate, there is not another better than Lee. Hope you enjoy the books, I will probably be reviewing them soon.

    @Rebecca: THANKS Rebecca! :D



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