Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trivia Questions and Answers.

Congratulations Jake P., Helen and Solace Utara you answered correctly. Here are today's trivia questions.

What was the vulnerable spot on the Death Star at which the Rebel fighters aimed?

What is the chronological order of Metal Gear Solid series (not including the original NES games)?

Name the movie and character that these quotes are from:
Quote 1: "I came back home to raise crops, and God willing, a family. If I can live in peace, I will."
Quote: 2 "It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom."

Video Update: Later today I most likely will be filming the video interview and answering questions. If you want to add any more questions for our video please do so below or on the original post.

Last Week's answers.

Name the movie and characters that this quote is from:
"It doesn't matter who we are... what matters is our plan."
Answer: The Dark Knight Rises, Bane

What does Lego mean in Danish?
Answer: "Play Well"
What Holiday do Wookiees celebrate (I was inaccurate in that all of the Star Wars universe celebrates it)?
Answer: Life Day 
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  1. The rebbels aimed at the exhaust vent opening.

  2. And those quotes sound like William Wallace, Braveheart. That's a part people might forget.


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