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Two Towers: Book Vs Movie Part 2.

 Here is part two of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Book Vs Movie analysis. Although I found many changes from the book to movie in the Fellowship of the Ring unnecessary, many of the changes in the Two Towers I found to almost be better in the movie or just not really negative. This part is mostly about the Battle of Helm's Deep and obviously has complete spoilers for the movie.

Helm's Deep
I found the chapter "Helm's Deep" to be a little difficult to follow, not exactly sure why, however for this post I revisited the chapter to grasp a better understanding of it. There are many changes from the book to movie in this chapter, however most of the changes really did not have a negative effect on the story and some changes actually improved it. Because there were a good deal of changes I have made some sub-categories to talk about.
Rohirrim Arrive Before Orcs
In the book, Saruman's army are hot-on-the-heels of the Rohirrim heading into Helm's Deep. However, the Rohirrim arrive well before the Orcs, which serves to give a build-up to the big fight. This is another good change because it gives weight to the battle and builds anticipation.
Elves at Helm's Deep
Before the battle of Helm's Deep an army of Elven archers from Lothlórien arrives to help the Rohirrim in the movie. Conversely there were no Elves at Helm's Deep, or at least there were no more than three including Legolas but not a small army. I have to admit it was a very cool scene in the movie when the Elves arrived to help Rohirrim and the way they were used in the battle was inventive. However, there might be a slight geographical problem of the Elves actually making the journey to Helms Deep in time. Since I am no expert in Middle Earth geoaphy I am not certin if this is the case.
You'll Have to Toss Me

 Although some might dislike this scene because nothing that resembles it in the book, I really do not care. It was awesome scene! "You'll have to toss me", "I cannot jump the distance you'll have to toss me." It was a brilliant use of comic relief, probably the best change made by Peter Jackson.
Erkenbrand Not Eomer Arrives
In a way this also relates to the previous chapter "The King of the Golden Hall" in that Eomer was arrested not banished. Since Eomer is more of an important character than Erkenbrand, and he had basically nothing to do at the Battle of Helm's Deep in the book, it does make sense why he replaced Erkenbrand so that the audience would know who the person with Gandalf was other than some random Rohirrim soldier.

Orc Shot First
One of the Rohirrim shot first at the battle in the movie, while the Orcs shot fight first in the book. Surprised there have not been "Orc Shot First" shirts like the "Han Shot First" ones. (this was just a joke).
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  1. Really good and interesting post! :) I agree, I liked the "toss me" part too- it works well especially since he was all "No one tosses a dwarf!". It was really funny and works well.
    LOL on the Orc shot first XD

  2. I agree with all these points, except that I think the Elve's arrival at Helm's Deep was overdone. It was just cheesy in my opinion to make that speech about honoring the Last Alliance. Also, even though they are Elves, they should not have made it there in time because
    1) If they had started soon enough to make it, they might have saved Boromir and the fellowship at the river.(the fellowship rowed down the river for two-three days before reaching Amon Hen)
    and 2)The Three Hunters ran 45 leagues-135 miles-from there until Eomer stopped them in Rohan, "and that was a accounted a legend among all the races", including Elves, in three-four days.
    And lastly, 3) From the point of meeting with Eomer, they rode Rohirrim warhorses (for about two days in a straight line) from that point to Helm's Deep, so the Elves couldn't have made it there in under five days unless Jackson moved Lothlorien closer to Rohan.

  3. I soo agreee! The you have to toss me I find most hilarious! Especially, don't tell the elf part. Love Aragorn's face!

  4. I soo agreee! The you have to toss me I find most hilarious! Especially, don't tell the elf part. Love Aragorn's face!

  5. I agree with JT was... urgh. I just can remember myself in the cinema saying *there're too many elves here!*

  6. Shena Tokala: :) That scene makes me laugh everytime! Thanks, glad you liked that part the Orcs. :D

    @The Sith Photographer: Thank you for the comment and follow. I will have to check out your blog.

    @JT: Thank you for clearing that up, I figured you would have an opinion about the Elves. Great points, at least Awren was not at Helms Deep as originally planned.

    @Solace Utara: Yes, I love that part too. Aragorn's like ;/ lol

    @Tahl Jinn: Thanks for the comment.



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