Friday, December 14, 2012

Hobbit: An Unexpect Journey Review Round-Up.

From the reviews, it appears that the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is "An
Unexpected Disappoint" to a certin extend. However, I have hope that it will at least one of the best movies of the year. The general opinion is that the movie takes 30-60 minutes before the movie's plot gets moving. But didn't the Fellowship of the Ring also start slowly? Guess we will have to wait and see, unless you have already watched it at midnight earlier today, if so please comment below with your spoiler free thoughts.
Chris Stuckmann: B-: Although he gave the Lord of the Rings trilogy an A+ he was vastly disappointed with The Hobbit resulting in the B- rating.
Jeremy Jahns: Buy it On Blu-Ray (basically 4 star rating): Jeremy Jahns is a massive Lord of the Rings fan and the trilogy is his favorite movie of all-time but it was not as great as expected.
Rotten Tomatoes: 69%: While Rotten Tomatoes is often vastly wrong in their ratings, it is surprising low rating. Here is what they said: "Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth is visually resplendent and features strong performances from Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen, but the film's deliberate pace robs the material of some of its majesty."
Schmoes Know: 4/5 and 4.75/5: One Schomoe almost wanted to give the film a 5/5 rating.
IGN: 7.9/10: With IGN's complete lack consistency in their recent reviews, I hold their opinion in low regards.
Hopefully I will be seeing The Hobbit on Tuesday or Thusday in 3D. When will you be seeing the Hobbit? Please comment below. If you have already seen and reviewed the film, please comment below and I will try to add a link to your review among the ones above.
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  1. Il see it probably over the weekend. I'm surprised that it has low ratings too. I thought this was gona be the movie of the year.

  2. That's weird that it's getting low ratings- I guess I'll just have to see for myself what I think(though I will still really enjoy it; like you said, Fellowship of the Ring started out slow but I really loved that movie).
    I'll hopefully be going to see it sometime in the next week.

  3. I'm looking forward to your thoughts of the movie after you see it. ~Jamie

  4. I'm looking forward to your thoughts of the movie after you see it. ~Jamie

  5. I'm not worried about most reviewers ratings. At the end of the weekend, it'll still be hugely popular. It won't catch up to Avengers, but a billion dollars will probably come fairly quickly. I'm seeing it on Monday with a bunch of friends. If anybody's not read the Hobbit, it doesn't read like it's supposed to start out slowly; in fact, it's pretty fast. But flashbacks and songs will slow it down.

  6. I'm disappointed with most of the reviews out there as I feel they are vastly comparing it to LOTR. Lord of the Rings, even though it is in the same place with the same characters, has a completely different attitude than the Hobbit. The Hobbit was just a fun, light-hearted book, and I feel that most reviewers were expecting something more dark and meaningful.

    Anyway, sorry about the short I am seeing it on Sunday with my family, on Monday with my friend, and sometime later this week with another friend. I'm also hoping to see it again later during Christmas break.

    Can't wait to see it!

  7. Saw it at midnight! Extrememly good. Naturally the performances and effects were all top-notch, but I didn't feel like the beginning was slow due to the need for flashbacks and history. The Hobbit is a children's story, but everything is meaningful. I loved how the dwarves were portrayed: comedic, but still warriors with definitive personalities.

  8. @Stas Buttler: I did as well, but it still should be my favorite movie of the year.

    @Shena Tokala: I know, competely unexpected.

    @Jamie: Hopefully I can watch and review the movie by Wedseday.

    @JT: Hopefully you are right, but I am not sure if it will even beat ROTK though.

    @Helen: Thanks for the ramble, it is always welcome. :) Great point.
    Wow, that's a lot of Hobbit. I'll probably only see it once.

    @billyBobjoe: Glad to finally hear a review by a true fan. I am sure that I will not be disappointed. Thanks for commenting.


  9. Ha! Well, these critics can go boil their heads, the movie was so amazing! The acting was spot on and the story was told very well, actually many conversations were lifted right out of the book. My only complaint was that they went CGI with the goblins instead of sticking with the practical effects. But the goblins still looked awesome. As for it being too long and slow. Really? It's called an epic for a reason. If's it's too long for these critics, then they can go watch a Michael Bay film.

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, though not as good as The Lord of The Rings, is still one of the best films this year. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  10. @Jake P. Well said. It is called an epic for a reason! Carry on, dude.

  11. I've already watched it! :DD I went to the cinema the day it came to theaters and, yes, I went dressed as a hobbit ^^
    There're certain things I didn't like, but it's a wonderful movie. I think I'll go to watch it again this Wednesday :)


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