Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions.

2012 is coming to a close now it is time for some New Year's Resolutions! I have never made a real New Year's resolutions list before, but it seemed like a good idea for the year to come. Here is the list.
Watch More Movies
Go to the theaters more often
Finish the many unfinished drafts in my achieve
Reach 100 followers
Make video reviews
Post at least 200 posts or more
Finish the Mass Effect video game trilogy again
Write Video Game reviews
Post My Top 100 Favorite Movies List with Montage Video. (This has been in the works for almost a year and a half but I kept waiting for movies such as The Hobbit, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises ect. If everything goes as planned I will start posting the list in February)
There are two friends of mine that I know will like this picture.
If you want to contact us or have any question please send an e-mail to


  1. Happy New Year(eve)! :D Those are some awesome New Years Resolutions! :D I hope you get to achieve them- the top 100 movie list sounds really cool! :)

  2. CALVIN AND HOBBES! AHHHHHH! I love Calvin, now I want to go read all the parts in the comic books where it's new years and Christmas. :D

    That's a great resolutions list; I'm about to go start a post myself! Happy New Years!


  3. EEEEE! Calvin and Hobbes! LOVE THEM! :D
    Great list, James! And Happy New Year! :D

    Can't wait to see the video and read more of your awesome reviews! Best of luck in the new year! :D

    Your Friend,

  4. @Shena Tokala: Happy New Year to you. :) Thanks.

    @Jamie: I knew you would love that! :D Looking forward to your list.
    By the way, you and Rebecca were two I were refering to above. :)

    @Rebecca: Thanks Rebecca! :D


  5. I watched over 115 films this year!
    haha, I practically learned to read on Calvin and Hobbes. I am not joking or exagerating in the slightest!

  6. @billyBobjoe: Wow! That's impressive, I'm around that number for this year also. Believe it or not I did not know about Calvin and Hobbes until sometime last year.


  7. Good resolutions. Unfortunately I'm no good at sticking to them; it's more of an on-the-spot thing, but maybe I'll think of something :)

    Calvin and Hobbes!! I grew up reading those and it made me smile to see this. I bet I've memorized just about all the comic strips.


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