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Goldfinger (3rd Bond Film) Review.

Thoughts: The Bond films at this point have made a large change in tone, with a more and better action, which worked brilliantly. It is one of my favorite Bond movies and is considered by many to be the best of the franchise. Introducing many iconic aspects unique to the James Bond franchise including, inventive gadgets, unique villains, awesome action, funny one liners, cool cars, and the famous James Bond Title Sequence. Goldfinger is one of the definitive Bond film, with the iconic lines: "Do you expect me to talk?", "No Mr. Bond, I expect you die." The action in Goldfinger was revolutionary for time. I have not seen better action from an earlier movie; it basically set the standard for action spy movies for years to come. Goldfinger is one of the movies that defined the 1960s and is the last truly great Bond movie until the recent Casino Royale. The main thing that modern audiences might not like in Goldfinger is that there are some corny lines and the movie does not take its self too seriously.

Note: I am a James Bond fan, therefore I have some bias but Goldfinger is considered a great movie by many critics.

Directed by: Guy Hamilton
Genre: Action, Spy, Espionage, Thriller,
Release Date: 17 September 1964
Running Time: 110 minutes
MMPA rating: PG

The Good: Great action scenes, Tons of cool gadgets, One of the best Bond villains, Cool cars, The song "Goldfinger" is one of the best movie songs, Humorous one liners, Cool cars, Iconic scenes,

The Bad:

Warning: Although Goldfinger was rated "PG" at the time, it would definitely be rated PG-13 for seggestive content.

Plot: The following plot summery is copied from
After destroying a drug laboratory in Latin America, James Bond—agent 007—goes to Miami Beach. There he receives instructions from his superior, M, via CIA agent Felix Leiter to observe bullion dealer Auric Goldfinger, who is staying at the same hotel as Bond. The agent sees Goldfinger cheating at gin rummy and stops him by distracting his employee, Jill Masterson and blackmailing Goldfinger into losing. Bond and Jill consummate their new relationship, however, Bond is subsequently knocked out by Goldfinger's Korean manservant Oddjob, who then covers Jill in gold paint, killing her by epidermal suffocation.
In London, Bond learns that his true mission is determining how Goldfinger smuggles gold internationally. Bond arranges to meet Goldfinger socially and wins a high-stakes golf game against him with a recovered Nazi gold bar at stake. Bond follows him to Switzerland, where there is an attempt on Goldfinger’s life by Tilly Masterson to avenge the death of her sister, Jill.
Bond sneaks into Goldfinger's plant and discovers that he smuggles the gold by melting it down and incorporating it into the bodywork of his car, which he takes with him whenever he travels. Bond also overhears him talking to a Red Chinese agent named Mr. Ling about "Operation Grand Slam". Leaving, Bond encounters Tilly as she is about to make another attempt on Goldfinger's life, tripping an alarm as they leave; they attempt to escape, but Oddjob kills Tilly. Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 8.5/10- The plot is somewhat simple but very effective and original for its time.

Action: 9.7/10- Goldfinger has excellent action set pieces, ranging from exciting car chases, to gun fights, to hand-to-hand fighting. Although the action does not compare to anything today, it was fantastic for its time.

Acting: 8.0/10 Sean Connery, as usual, was the perfect Bond and his supporting cast gave solid performances.

Special effects: N/A

Soundtrack: 9.9/10- The combination of John Berry's iconic theme and Shirley Bassey's song "Goldfinger" made for the perfect James Bond soundtrack.

Comedy: 8.3/10- Goldfinger introduced Bond's classic one liners, which were very humorous.

Gadgets: 10/10- Goldfinger is the first Bond to have somewhat outlandish but awesome gadgets. It later became a staple of the franchise. From the Bond's famous Aston Martin DB5 to the Grappling hook gun, Goldfinger started it all.

Title Sequence: 10/10- This is the first James Bond movie that had the famous Title Sequence, although not visually stunning,  Shirley Bassey's song "Goldfinger" is one of the best songs used in a James bond movie.

Would I Watch This Again: Goldfinger is a movie that I have watched many times and I plan to continue to do so again.

Overall: 9.0/10- Although Goldfinger is not a masterpiece by any means, however it is a very fun of entertaining movie.

Goldfinger might not appeal to all audiences; it is one of the most iconic movies of its era.

Recommended for: Action fans, Spy fans, Espionage fans, Thriller fans,

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  1. Sounds like a good movie!! :D I'll have to watch the James Bond films sometime :)

  2. Hmmm, interesting. To tell the truth I've never liked Bond in the new movies or the old ones. I could let their being farfetched slide because I enjoy a good action movie as much as the next person, but I can't stomach a womanizing hero, however good an agent he is. I dislike a man who sleeps with one woman who isn't his wife, much less two or three and in the course of one movie! I know you don't usually do content in your reviews, but it strikes me as kind of funny how you give a warning about language for Saving Private Ryan, yet not one for the sexual content which these films are famous for.

    Bond has certainly earned the title of ladies man. And while the action and gadgets may be awesome, he's not someone I want to emulate in any way.

    As you can see this is something I feel strongly about. :)

  3. Great review, I'll have to review Goldfinger at sometime.

  4. @Shena Tokala: Hope you like it. :)

    @Jake P: Great point and I completely respect your opinion.
    Wait, I thought I had a warning. I suppose not, thanks for reminding me. :) But in the first three Bond movies, the content is very mild compared to any of the later ones, mostly just kissing and cut away. However the later ones, which I really do not like much, did have more seggestive content. Also about the warning, I usually just have a general warning for any "R" rated movie that I just paste on.
    I agree, he is definitely not a character to emulate in anyway but I rarely am actually influenced by any movies in that way and I do disagree with his moral code. Thanks for the comment. :)

    @Filmgurulad: Thanks, looking forward to your review.


  5. @James: Okay, thanks for explaining!


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