Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reader's Choice Results, Mad Max, James Bond and More!

Things are getting busy on J and J Productions! The Reader's Choice votes are in, I have finally seen Mad Max: Fury Road, Spectre, the latest Bond flick, is heading to the states, I am going to see The Martian soon, and The Force Awakens is fast approaching! So today, I want to breakdown what to expect on J and J Productions in the coming weeks. 

Starting tomorrow, I am counting down the Top 10 James Bond movies to countdown to Spectra coming to the US this Friday. On Tuesday, I will, hopefully, be reviewing The Martian, since the local theater finally has it in. In the following three days, expect to see the weekly review of Doctor Who, Jordan's monthly "Coming Soon: November," and the final part of the Top 10 James Bond movies. The weekend will contain the usual movie news and "Movie Music and More" posts. 

The next week will kickoff the countdown to Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a post detailing my various ideas, as well as more Star Wars Reader's Choice picks. Depending on how exactly things work out on my end, expect to see reviews for the Christian Football drama, Woodlawn, Spectra, the Reader's Choice picks, and lastly, my review for the summer's most critically acclaimed film, Mad Max: Fury Road. After missing it in theaters, I will have a detailed non-spoiler review coming soon!

To wrap things of, let's talk about the Reader's Choice results. Please know that the Reader's Choice is still open, and if you would like to vote, please click here. In the past, my Reader's Choice picks featured only posts that I had at least a rough draft in the works. However, I decided to come up with various ideas, and let you decide which ones that I should write about. Therefore, it takes a little longer to catch up with your picks, so please keep that in mind. Now for the results!
  • 5 Unconventional Sherlock Holmes Adaptations
  • Arrested Development Review
  • Breaking Bad Review
  • My Writing Playlist
  • The Maze Runner Review
  • Top 10 TV Characters
  • Top 10 TV Comedies
  • Top 25 TV Shows of All Time
I also want to thank everyone for voting. Now I know what you want me to write and that gives me the drive to get things done! On one final note, I have recorded answers to your questions from the "Ask Me Anything" post, so those are on the way as well. And below is the projected schedule, which is, always, subject to change.
  • Monday: Top 10 James Bond Movies: Part 1
  • Tuesday: The Martian Review
  • Wednesday: Doctor Who Review
  • Thursday: Coming Soon: November by Jordan
  • Friday: Top 10 James Bond Movies: Part 2
  • Saturday: Movie Music and More: James Bond

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to

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