Friday, November 6, 2015

Top 10 James Bond Movies: Part 2

Spectre is out in theaters, so it is time to wrap up my Top 10 James Bond Movies list with the final six entries.

6: The Spy Who Loved Me
Almost universally considered Roger Moore's strongest outing as Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me hits all the right marks for a fun Bond flick. The opening sequence is thrilling, the Bond girl is genuinely interesting, and the humor is spot on. For those that are not a fan of the more lighthearted Bond flicks, the film might still be too silly for their tastes, but otherwise, it is worthwhile action flick.

5: GoldenEye
Arguably Piece Bronson's only great Bond film, GoldenEye not only gave audiences the best Bond film since the Connery era; it spawned the even more legendary video game of the same name on the Nintendo 64, which revolutionize console shooters. As for the film itself, there are still script issues, but Bronson is an incredibly capable and charming Bond. In fact, he remains one of my favorite actors to play the role. Unfortunately, Bronson was never given the chance to shine in the role again due to lackluster material in later films.

4: From Russia With Love
The second film in the franchise, From Russia With Love remains far and above one of the best in the franchise, even more than 50 years later. Before gadgets and action spectacle left classic espionage to the wayside, From Russia With Love is true a spy/espionage film, and a mighty excellent one at that. If this is your favorite Bond film, you are certainly not wrong, because this one holds up. 

3: Skyfall
While not exactly as flawless as it seemed upon my initial viewing, Skyfall celebrated 50 years of James Bond in spectacular fashion as it delves deep into what makes Bond tick and if a man with a gun is still relevant in the modern era of computers. By the end, Skyfall sets everything in place for the future of the franchise, as it returns to its roots in many respects.

2: Goldfinger
Goldfinger is the epitome of a Bond film. It introduced gadgets, larger-than-life villains, a nefarious plot that Bond must foil, and the now iconic opening credits sequence accompanied by a song. As a film, Goldfinger is still a blast to watch. Connery is at the top of his game with plenty of wit and charm, and the antagonists, Goldfinger and Oddjob, remain two of the franchise's most iconic villains. Everything about the film screams classic Bond, which is why it is one of the best.

1: Casino Royale
Adapting the first novel in the franchise, Casino Royale takes Bond to the beginning as it shows how he developed his cold-hearted demeanor. Casino Royale revived and redefined the dying Bond franchise with a darker and more violent take with a deeper character development than any other Bond film. Believe it or not, upon my first viewing of the film around its release, I disliked the film. It was different than previous Bond films, and as a younger viewer, it was not what I expected. Of course, after rewatching it several times more recently, Casino Royale is not only my favorite Bond film, it is one of my favorite films of all-time. 

What are your favorite Bond films? Do you agree with my review? Please comment below and let me know!

Honorable Mention: You Only Live Twice

P.S. Assuming Spectre will be as good as I hope, I will post an updated version of the list after viewing the film.

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  1. While I do like the gadgets and action sequences in the Bond films, as well as some splendid quotes, I have not actually seen a entire Bond film (Except for Skyfall) because they are filled with sinful and immodest materiel. I do not like this review because it makes light of evil. Perhaps "Spectre" be as clean and insightful as Skyfall.

    1. Issac - that's a bit strong. This run down is a fun celebration of Bond because of the release of Spectre. Sinful material? You can't watch many films if you find Bond films offensive and you shouldn't criticise this review because of your personal views regarding immodesty. Best not to comment if you have nothing nice to say.

    2. Shirely you cant be serious, even Lassie is naked if you thinkaboot it.

    3. @isaacbenjamin: While I will admit that I maybe should have included a warning like I do for R rated movies, I do not recall Skyfall containing any less immodest material than previous films. Granted, I watched many of the pre-Daniel Craig films censored on cable. Of course, if you do not like the content in the movies, that's perfectly fine. Everyone has their preference, and I respect your opinion.


    4. I am sorry about my outburst post. I should not have let my personal issues into this. I will try to be more prudent in the future.

      (But Lassie is not HUMAN)

  2. I wouldn't argue with your top 6 apart from Skyfall which I think is highly overrated. Goldfinger is my Number 1 but Russia, Casino, Spy are in my top 5. I'd be tempted to put Spectre in there too but need to watch it again. OHMSS is pretty high up too - I love that film - and Goldeneye is a classy Bond film.

    1. Well, you cannot go wrong with Connery's classic movies. Skyfall certainly had it faults, so I can see why you are not as much of a fan of the film as others. And I need to watch, OHMSS again, and probably review it.


  3. I just saw Spectre and it was great. It's the first Bond movie I've seen so I was wondering which the best ones are, so thanks for the list!


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