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Top 50 Star Wars Characters: 45-36

My Top 50 Star Wars Characters list continues with ten more entries! If you missed part one, click here.

45: Biggs Darklighter
Best friend to Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter might actually be indirectly responsible for Luke's epic quest to bring Balance to the Force. Biggs inspired Luke to join the fight, even if he thought he was heading to the Empire. Unfortunately for Biggs, many of the scenes featuring the character never made it to the final cut, but he will always be remembered.

44: Commander Cody
One of the first Clone Troopers to actually receive a name, Commander Cody served under Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars prior to Order 66. Due to fitting within the continuity, Cody never received as much development as other Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars series; however, he made enough of an impression to make the list.

43: Aurra Sing
First appearing as a bystander during the Podrace in the Phantom Menace, Aurra Sing's role in the EU and The Clone Wars quickly expanded to her being a bad*ss Jedi hunter. Who knows, maybe she will appear in a Han Solo or Boba Fett solo film in the future.

42: Fives

CT-5555, aka Fives, is yet another Clone Trooper that first appeared in the stellar "Rookies" episode of the Clone Wars. Fives proved that a Clone Trooper could stand out just as much, if not more, than any Jedi.

41: Durge
Fans of the original 2003 2D animated series should recognize Durge as being one of the standout characters in the painfully underrated miniseries. Literally thousands of years old, Durge is nearly unkillable to the point where he finally died after being pushed into a star by Anakin Skywalker!

40: Joruus C'Baoth
Playing a pivotal role during the Thrawn Book Trilogy, Joruus C'Baoth is a mad dark Jedi leftover from the Clone Wars. While not necessarily the first, Joruus C'Baoth presented the concept "Dark Jedi," who are not Sith, which would become an important role later in the franchise.

39: Jolee Bindo
First featured in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, Jolee Bindo displayed the gray area of the Force that is neither Light nor Dark. He served as the voice of reason to the player throughout their journey,

38: Darth Malak
The main antagonist of Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Malak managed to live up to the franchise's high standard. Just look at him, he lost the lower half of his jaw in a Lightsaber duel; he is one hardcore dude.

37: Savage Opress
Brother to Darth Maul, Savage Opress is one of my favorite original characters to come out of The Clone Wars. Introduced during one of the franchise's strongest storylines to date, Savage Opress' story explored the darker, more mystical side of the Force. Savage certainly lives up to namesake with his aggressive and savage style of fighting that brutally crushes his opponents with sheer force.

36: Wicket
Wicket Wystri Warrick is the most well known of the Ewoks, who is famously played by Warwick Davis. Whether you love or hate the Ewoks, how can you hate this little guy?

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  1. Awesome idea! :D Cool list, too! :) It will be interesting to see who makes the list! :)


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