Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top 50 Star Wars Characters: 50-46

Star Wars is a truly massive franchise spanning seven films, several TV shows, hundreds of novels, and various other media, and the number of characters contained within these stories is innumerable! There are literally thousands of named characters, and today I will be ranking my Top 50 characters. 
To qualify for the list, the character must have appeared in a Star Wars related story, whether it be video game or novel. Even though much of the Expanded Universe is considered "non-canon," the novels still exist and therefore the unforgettable characters from those incredible stories will still be included on the list (more on the EU in another post). Now, let's get started! Also, this list assumes that you have seen the Star Wars film, and therefore spoilers for those.

50: Padme Amidala
Wife to Anakin Skywalker and mother to Luke and Leia, Padme Amidala could have and should have been every bit as memorable as the other members of her family. Unfortunately, aside from a few cool moments and sidestories in The Clone Wars, Padme never really turned into the well developed and strong willed character that Leia was in the Original Trilogy. Seriously, she died because “She lost the will to live,” what the heck! Despite that, she is important enough to the story as a whole to barely make the list.

49: Hevy
A Clone Trooper from one of the best episodes of The Clone Wars, "Rookies," Hevy might have only lasted one episode, but his sacrifice lives on in the hearts of his comrades and fans alike. His noble sacrifice marked a massive shift in The Clone Wars series as a whole, as it changed from something vaguely aimed at a younger audience to the more mature character drama that it would become in later seasons.

48: Greedo
"Han Shot First!" Yes, despite what Lucas wants you to believe, Han Solo shot this Rodian bounty hunter before he even knew what hit him. Before dying within five minutes of his introduction, Greedo was actually a feared and skilled bounty hunter that even kidnapped Baron N. Papanoida's daughters during The Clone Wars.

47: Pre Vizsla
Leader of the Mandalorian revolutionary group, Death Watch, Pre Vizsla is one bad*ss dude. He wields a Darksaber, a black-bladed lightsaber, from ancient times, and he is a master at the various Mandalorian fighting style. For why Pre Vizsla makes the list, watch the Clone Wars episodes he appeared in.

46: Quinlan Vos
While more well known for his dark adventures in the comic books, which I have not read, he is an a fan among Star Wars comic book readers. Despite having not read the comics, Quinlan Vos more than enough of an impression during his battle in The Clone Wars against Cad Bane. 

Are any of these your favorite? Please let me know in the comments, and check back soon for the next set of ten characters on the list, as well as more Star Wars content!

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  1. Excellent list, James, and I cannot wait to see how the rest will pan out. While I have not admittedly seen every episode of Clone Wars (I hope to fix that one day), I'm glad to see quite a lot of characters from the show! And while Padme isn't my *favorite* character from Star Wars, I did like her (especially in Phantom Menace), but I have to agree the whole "lost the will to live" thing wasn't the best thing ever.

    1. Thanks Tegan! :) The Clone Wars is definitely worth catching up with at some point. I agree, she was better in episode 1.


  2. Cool beginning of the list! :) Agreed, Padme's death thing was strange which is why I say that she died because of the effects of strangulation (one of the books mentioned that being the cause, so I'm going with it since it makes more sense). And yes, Hevy's death in Rookie's was very powerful. Love that episode.


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