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The Peanuts Movie Review

The Peanuts Movie, the revival of the classic Peanuts franchise and lovable characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown.
The Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz, is a classic comic strip that ran from 1950 until Schulz’s passing in 2000, and for me, it is a part of my childhood. I grew up watching the “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and reading the comic strips, which are still hilarious today. So, for me, The Peanuts Movie brought back a lot of nostalgia, but is there more than mere nostalgia? Let’s find out!

Directed by: Steve Martino
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2015
Running Time: 93 minutes
MMPA rating: G

The Good: Charming nostalgia trip, The same classic and lovable Peanuts characters, Appealing art style, A few funny moments,

The Bad: Not exactly remarkable, Not quite as funny as it should be,

Plot: 5.0/10- The Peanuts Movie's plot is simple. Charlie Brown wants to impress the new girl in town, only named as "Little Red-Haired Girl." Of course, being Charlie Brown, he just can't be the cool kid, and a nostalgic journey of the lovable characters doing the same lovable things that you have seen for years ensues. The story has a pleasant tone and a positive message that makes everything come together for a satisfying conclusion. There is nothing explicitly wrong with the plot. However, there is not explicitly great either. Basically, do not expect something as smart and clever as Inside Out or the Lego Movie.

Characterization: 7.0/10- Every single one of the classic characters act exactly as you remember the characters. No one is unnecessarily modernized or changed at all. If you love the characters from the old stories, you are going to love them as well.

Acting: 7.0/10- The Peanuts Movie's cast is filled with actual voice actors, who have done little other work, and because of this, everyone’s favorite characters sound exactly as you remember them. Despite passing away a few years, archived audio of Bill Melendez is used so that Snoopy and Woodstock sound like the same, which is perfect.

Animation: 7.0/10- Blue Sky Studios do a great job at combining modern computer generated technology with the old art style to create something that looks modern for the kids today, but nostalgic enough for those that grew up watching it. It might not be as flashy as many films today, but it looks good. Personally, the original 2D is much better, but I will prefer the hand-drawn over CGI.

Soundtrack: 5.9/10- I can't help but smile when I hear the original Peanuts theme, and thankfully, it is still present in the film. The use of modern licensed music is not bad either, although some of the songs felt out of place in the setting.

Humor: 6.5/10- The humor, or lack thereof, is one of my only real problems. The comic strips still makes me laugh to this day, and while there are some laugh-out-loud moments, The Peanuts Movie's humor misses the mark sometimes. It is often amusing but rarely hysterical, which is unfortunate.

Entertainment Value: 7.0/10- Despite having a few parts of the movie that made me zone out, The Peanuts Movie was a fun and short entertaining experience. Even though it was fun, I have no intention of watching it again.

Overall: 6.5/10- An amusing nostalgia trip for fans, The Peanuts Movie brings back almost everything that you loved about the original Peanuts. However, I cannot help but feel that newcomers might be bored, except for children, who should love it.

Closing comments: Honestly, if you neither have kids nor have nostalgia for the Peanuts, I cannot say whether or not you will enjoy the film. For me, it was the wholesome nostalgia trip, but others might find it pointless and simplistic, so that’s up to you.

Recommended for: Anyone who likes the Peanuts,

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  1. Nice review James! I'll probably never get around to this one (maybe someday when it airs on TV). I am a Peanuts fan, but if I want some nostalgia, I'm sure the TV specials re-runs will do just fine. :P If it's nothing special I really doubt I'd enjoy it.

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