Saturday, November 7, 2015

Movie Music and More #33: James Bond Franchise

Spectre is in theaters, so there is no better time than the present to listen to the many classic theme songs and tracks from the James Bond franchise. Today, I highlight a few of my personal favorites pieces of music from the franchise, although there are many, many others are equally as excellent.

James Bond's theme is one of the most iconic and recognizable in cinema history. The above is specifically the rendition from Casino Royale, although it is virtually identical to every other version of the theme. 

Visually, Casino Royale's opening sequence is the best and interesting by far. The song, "You Know My Name," is quite good as well.

The first James Bond film to feature a song during the open sequence, "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey, is still one of the best in the franchise.

"Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and the Wings is the song from the franchise that I have listened to the most. It might not actually sound like a typical Bond song, but it is an enjoyable listen. 

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  1. I love lots of 007 songs :-) Some that I like that you didn't mention are "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Skyfall," and "We Have All the Time in the World."


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