Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epic Film Score and More Sunday.

Today on Epic Film Score and More Sunday is, in my opinion, the best violinist in the world, Lindsey Stirling. The violin is one of my favorite instruments to listen and I like many variations of movie themes with the violin. She has made a version of the Lord of the Rings themes and various original music, which I can not stop listening to while writing posts. I first found her music while looking for Skyrim music, that she made an awesome version of. Also Stirling's videos are also pretty cool. Below are some of my favorite of her videos.

This a melody of The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which is really epic. Although I would not say that this is the best version of The Lord of the Rings but this is my favorite that was not in the movie.

This might be my favorite of her music. I really like the blend of the fast-paced violin and techno  music. I have literally played this on a loop while writing posts, something about it I just really like.

Probably my second favorite one of her original music.

Pure epicness. That is the best way to describe video. Perfectly captures that epic feel of possibly my favorite video game of all-time Skyrim with a slight twist. And the video is one of the best.

Although not my favorite of her music it is still great.

Which one is your favorite of the music? Please sound off in the comments.

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  1. WOAH! She is amazing!!!! I love the second to the bottom probably the most; so epic it's only one guy singing and only one violin! SOOOO cool!!!

    Thanks for all the videos, James, I've been in music heaven for the past twenty minutes or so!


  2. @Jamie: Really glad you liked her music. :D I love her music.
    Music heaven is a great way to describe her music. ;)



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