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Spider-Man 2 Review.

8 years ago from this day Spider-Man 2 was released in theaters so I figured it would be a good time to review the film.

Thoughts: Spider-Man 2 takes place 2 years after the events of the previous Spider-Man movie and is considered by many critics to be Marvel's best movie (until The Avengers) and it would be hard for me to disagree. Although it is not my absolute favorite, it is still one of my favorites and was without a doubt the best Comic Book movie until Iron Man in 2008. In some ways, it is even better than Iron Man. The movie is more of a character story about what it means to be a hero and the sacrifices that must be made of one’s self for the greater good. Tobey Maguire as Peter/Spider-Man portrays his inner struggle and conflict very excellently. The villain Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus), played brilliantly Alfred Molina, is an great villain, who's motives are not necessarily evil. He is not evil just to be evil; he is a man of science driven mad. Also Spider-Man 2 is considered "The Comic Book movie for people who do not watch Comic Book movies", which I can agree with because my friend, who does not like Comic Book movies, actually enjoyed the movie. Although it is still great for comic book movie fans but do not expect an action-packed movie like The Avengers. Really the only parts of the movie I did not like was that there was a little too much focus on romance and the very end, which it was a little corny but still effective. For some unknown reason, Spider-Man 2 is not liked as much as it should be by the general audience. I have yet to discover why there are not more people that like even though critically acclaimed.

Also I posted the full movie below.

Directed by: Sam Raimi
Genre: Action Adventure, Comic Book, Sci-Fi,
Release date: June 30, 2004
Running Time: 128 minutes
MMPA rating: PG-13

The Good: Best Spider-Man movie, One of the best comic book movies ever, Great message, Stunning action scenes, One of the best movies of all time, Fantastic acting, Amazing special effects, Spectacular Danny Elfman soundtrack, The “Rain drops are falling on my head” scene was done perfectly, Even better than the first Spider-Man movie, Deep character development,

The Bad:

Plot: Peter Parker struggles to balance his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man with the demands of his normal life. He loses a job, faces financial difficulties, and struggles to maintain his physics studies at Columbia University. Parker is estranged from both love interest Mary Jane Watson—now a successful Broadway actress—and best friend Harry Osborn, who accuses Spider-Man of murdering his father Norman Osborn, who was secretly the super villain Green Goblin. Parker's Aunt May is threatened with foreclosure, and Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson continues to denounce Spider-Man as a menace to New York City. As a result, Peter starts to think about giving up being Spider-Man, causing his powers to slowly stop working.
Harry, now head of Oscorp's research division, sponsors the research of brilliant nuclear scientist Otto Octavius, Peter's idol. Octavius, who dreams of perfecting fusion power, wears a harness of powerful robotic arms with artificial intelligence for an experiment in sustained fusion. Though the experiment becomes unstable, the arrogant Octavius refuses to halt it, with disastrous results: his wife is killed, the neural inhibitor chip which prevents the arms from influencing Octavius's own mind is destroyed, and the arms are fused to his spine. Unconscious, he is taken to a hospital to have the appendages removed, but the tentacles develop their own ability to move at will and brutally kill the surgeons, and Octavius escapes. The tentacles corrupt Octavius' mind, exploiting his vanity and ego, and lead him to the resolution that he must complete his experiment regardless of the moral cost. To finance his work, Octavius—whom Jameson nicknames "Doctor Octopus" or "Doc Ock"—robs a bank, where he takes Aunt May hostage after she and Peter were trying to refinance her house. Spider-Man battles with Octavius, but struggles in the fight when his powers almost fail him. He manages to save Aunt May, but Octavius escapes with the stolen money. Watch the movie to what happens next.

Plot: 9.8/10- Parker's struggle was portrayed well and just about everything was done right. The pacing is a little slow for a comic book movie because there it is a little more story driven.

Action: 9.7/10- The fight scene on the train between Doc Ock and Spider-Man is perfectly choreographed with awesome special effects. It is one of the most inventive and original fight scenes ever filmed. The combination of cutting edge special effects and the unique setting makes it an amazing scene to watch. Also the other action scenes in the movie are great as well.

Acting: 9.9/10- Again Tobey Maguire gives a sympathetic and relatable performance as Peter Park/Spider-Man. Alfred Molina's performance is also fantastic as Doctor Octopus. Also Rosemary Harris as Aunt May gives a very believable performance as the voice of reason in the film and gives some of the most meaningful lines.

Special effects: 9.6/10- The effects hold up surprisingly well today, especially during the action scenes.

Soundtrack: 10/10- The soundtrack is one of the best of all time and every time I hear it I feel like I am swing though the city like Spider-Man there are very few soundtracks that captures the feel of a movie better than this. Listen to it below.


Comedy: 8.0/10- Spider-Man 2 is not a comedy but it did have some clever use of humor.

Would I Watch This Again: I have watched this and the original Spider-Man movie so many times I could almost quote it and I could watch many more

Overall: 9.8/10- Overall Spider-Man 2 is an Amazing and Spectacular (no pun intended) movie that set the bar high for Comic Book movies to come.

Closing comments: It will be difficult for The Amazing Spider-Man to top this masterpiece of the Comic Book genre.

Recommended for: Comic Book Movie fans, Action movie fans, Action Adventure fans, Sci-Fi fans,

Below is a review for Spider-Man 2 by famous movie critics Ricard Roeper and Roger Ebert. The reason I am posting it is to show that I am not the only one who would recommend this movie.

Here is the full Spider-Man 2 movie unloaded to YouTube. Although I would recommend watching the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray because the quality of the video is not high and the audio is a little too high pitched. If you have no other option, I suggest watching it some time.

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  1. Wow, the villain in this movie looks really cool with the four mechanical arms! Hope to see this movie soon.


  2. I'm watching this movie right now and so far I like it. :)

  3. @Jamie: Yep, Doc Ock is a great villain. I hope you will get to see it soon. :)

    @Shena Tokala: Glad you decided to watch. :)


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