Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who Are Loki's Army?

Warning Spoilers if you have not seen The Avengers.
As revealed in the first 30 seconds of The Avegners, Loki's army was the Chitauri. There were many different alien species and other possible armies that could have been "Loki's Army", ranging from the Skrull to Frost Giants. The Chitauri is an alien race that was introduced in the 2002 Ultimate Avengers. There are multiple Universes in the Marvel franchise but the two main universes are the Original Universe, that most common viewers know and the Ultimate Universe were all of the characters were revamped during the early 2000s. The Ultimate Universe has made a large impact on the Marvel movies.Many of the stories that were used in the movies were mixed with the original and Ultimate Marvel universe. Also the costumes were often based on the Ultimate versions of the characters. For example Hawkeye's Ultimate costume is very similar to his costume in The Avengers movie (picture below) and Ultimate Nick Fury (picture below) was loosely based on Samuel L. Jackson without him knowing it, fortunately Jackson decided to play the role in the movies.
What I speculated that the Skrull the aliens in the movie I was half right, because the Chitauri are the equivalent of the Skrull in the Ultimate Universe. In the original comic they could shape shift (picture to the right) and had ships that were made of Vibranium, which is what Captain America's shield is made of in the movie and Ultimate Universe. I probably should have guessed that "Loki's Army" was the Chitauri since the movie's plot combined the Ultimate and Original story of how The Avengers were formed, which I might talk about in a "Comics vs. Movies" post. If you want to see more of the Ultimate Avengers and the Chitauri watch the "Ultimate Avengers" direct to DVD animated movie. Note: Although it is animated, it is not a kids movies. it is rated PG-13 for basically the same things that the live-action Avengers is rated for. It was the closest thing that fans like me had to a real Avengers movie until the recent Avengers movie. The movie opened with a awesome WWII sequence with Captain America and generally follows the story of the Ultimate comic book. If you are a fan of The Avengers, I highly recommend watching it.
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  1. I think it's so hilarious they based the new Nick Fury off of Jackson without him knowing it! LOL! I'm afraid I do this myself with my novels and my IRL friends. Sooner or later, they figure out who they are in my stories! HAHA!

    Besides that, thank you for doing this post it was enlightening and cleared a few things up. :D


  2. Cool post! I liked that they based Nick Fury off of Samuel L. Jackson! That would make me happy if I were him! It's good that there is another Avenger movie out there. Would it be a good one to watch?


  3. @Jamie: Forunately Jackson decided to accept the role. :)
    LOL That is cool.
    Thanks, glad it helped.

    @Misty Kasumi: While it is no were as good as the recent Avengers movie, Ultimate Avengers was good for an animated movie. :)


  4. Oh, I see. Well, I like animated movies so it should be pretty good. (Though the newest Avengers would probably be better by a mile.) ^_^



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