Thursday, July 10, 2014

Q and A: You Ask the Questions

I am bringing back video Q and A, where you ask me various questions and I answer them in a YouTube video. If you remember, early last year I made a video answering various questions that you asked, and today I want you to please comment with more questions for me to answer in a video. The more questions the better! The main reason I am doing this is because I am not suppose to type with my right hand due to the elbow injury that I mentioned a while back since it is not healing correctly, so videos and podcasts are my only option as of now. Also, I am looking for possible guest authors who are interested in writing something movie or geek related for J and J Productions, providing it fits the category of the blog and does not contain explicit content. Despite my injury, J and J Productions will continue to have content everyday. Please comment below with your questions! Alternatively, email me at, message/friend me on Facebook, Tweet @JamesStarslayer, or use Google+ at James C.

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to


  1. Sorry you're injury isn't healing :/
    Here are some questions! :)
    Top 10 favorite female anime characters
    Top 10 favorite male anime characters
    If you could do any martial art, which on would you do?
    What is your most anticipated movie of the year?
    Top 10 Attack on Titan characters
    If you could live in one of your favorite movies/TV shows, which one would you pick?

    1. Thanks for the questions! These should be fun to answer. :D


  2. What is usual blogging process? On average how long does one movie review take to write?
    What are you top five (can expand to eight for fun if you want) favorite Studio Ghibli movies?
    When watching a new movie, what is most important to you; ie plot, characters, direction, a combination of two different things, ect (I hope that makes sense.)
    If you HAD to watch three different musicals, which ones would you decide to watch?
    Which did you like more on an overall scale: Captain America; The Winter Soldier or X-Men Days of Future Past?

    I tired to come up with some different ones that I didn't think I already knew for sure. :)


  3. Also I will spend today thinking about two different guest post idea I can do for you; I hope you arms gets better soon!

    1. *your arm--I know it's just one arm, not both. ohmygosh I type way too fast. 8-|

    2. Thank you very much for the guest posts!!! :D


  4. 1. What is the most important aspect of a story (on any medium: anime, movie, book, whatever)? And why do you think so? This is somewhat similar to what Jamie said, but I want to know what is most important to you in stories in general, not just movies.

    2. What is/are the story/stories that has/have influenced you in a life-changing way? And why?

    Also, hope your arm gets well!

  5. Here are my questions:
    1. How do you spend a typical day in your life?
    2. How much time do you spend watching/reading/enjoying Marvel related stuff on any given day?
    3. Other than watching/reviewing/making videos about movies/cartoons/animes and building lego based videos, what are your other hobbies?
    4. How do you plan to use your ongoing studies vis-a-vis your hobbies in your life?
    5. Outside of Marvel and DC Comics, who is your favorite comic book character?
    6. What according to you constitutes a meaningful life?


  6. 1.Top 10 or top 5 (to save you time) films of each decade starting with the 90's, 00's, and 10's so far.
    2.Top 10 Modern horror movies? (Curious since Horror isn't your cup of tea!)
    3.Goku vs Superman.........................(Goku All Day!)
    4.Ranking the South Korean movies you have seen so far!


  7. Films that got positive reviews that you think are terrible?
    Films that got terrible reviews that you think are good?
    If you were the TCM Guest Programmer, what four movies would you pick and why?
    Actors/actresses that should get more work?
    Actors/actresses that shouldn't work at all?
    Five Films that inspired your love of movies?
    Five Films that you would burn (and not to a DVD)?
    Anime series you'd like to see as feature-length film?

  8. Who is your favourite Doctor and why?
    Do you use any quotes from Star Wars on a day-to-day basis?
    What are your favourite blog posts to write? e.g. movie reviews, news on movies, top 100 hundred list.

    That's really all I could think of! Hope your arm gets better!

    God Bless,

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  10. Thanks for the questions everyone! If anyone has more questions, please comment and let me know. I would reply to everyone but that is not easy right now.



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