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Seven Jedi: New Star Wars Movie.

There is a rumor going around that one of the Star Wars movies set around the new trilogy might be based on Akira Kurosawa's Japanese film Seven Samurai. It will not be the first time it has been adapted into film for example the famous western The Magnificent Seven even a Clone Wars episode was inspired by the film. For those who do not know the premise, basically seven Samurai/Gunmen/Jedi are hired by a small town to defend it from a tyrant who forces the townsfolk to pay him or he will kill everyone in the town. While I have yet to see the original Seven Samurai,  The Magnificent Seven is one of my favorite westerns and a must watch for any classic film fan. George Lucas has even said it himself that Kurosawa's films inspired Star Wars to a small degree, therefore it would not be a stretch to think that could be based on the film. Although it has been denied, Man of Steel and Watchman director Zack Snyder might take the helm as director. It really depends how Man of Steel turns out later this year whether if he will be a good choice for the job considering that his last three films have been more style (Sucker Punch, Watchmen, and 300) than substance. Obvious there must be seven Jedi since they are basically the samurai of Star Wars universe. It would most likely be set after Return of the Jedi featuring characters that might have a small role in the up-coming trilogy. However, I would much prefer if it would set in the Old Republic since it would have a more western, gritty setting. Because it seems like a good time, here are the seven actors I would want to Jedi in the possible film. Since the cast would have to be within reasonable budget to have seven Jedi, some actors would obviously cost way too much to be a side character, plus some of them would have to die.

The Seven Jedi

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo is an obvious choice and my first choice for a Jedi. His role of Aragon in The Lord of the Rings really is the model for him as a Jedi, particularly when he is first introduced. He is just perfect for an older wise Jedi, who escaped Vader's alienation of the Jedi Order and is now in hiding on some backwater planet. Considering the fact that Viggo really immerses himself in his roles, he might be the best Jedi since Obi-Wan. His role would be that of the leader of the group and the lead character in the story.

Ken Watanabe
Keeping with the story's Asia roots, Watanabe would be a great choice for a Jedi. When you can understand what he is saying, he's a fantastic actor and even looks the part of an old Jedi Master. Ken's role would be the second in command to Mortensen's character. He would be the Master to the next actor on this list.

Ellen Page
Page would make the perfect apprentice to Watanabe's character. Ellen is a very likable actress and she would add an identifiable character for the female audience. Her or her master would most likely be killed-off by the end of the film. Emma Watson would be an excellent alternative, although I am not sure who would be a better pick.

Liam Hemsworth
While my first choice for the role would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he would be too far out of the price rang for the film. Liam would be a young brash Jedi who believes himself strong in the Force despite his lack of experience. Eager to show his talents, he makes mistakes that put the villagers in danger and causes conflict within the group.    

Andy Serkis
While Serkis might seem like an odd choice, the film needs at least one non-human character, which would most likely be CGI. Who better to play a CGI character than the master himself, Andy Serkis. Not exactly sure which race the character would be but Serkis can do just about anything.

Lucy Liu
My first choice would Anne Hathaway for obvious reasons, however Lucy Liu is a more realistic choice. Another lower-profile choice, Lucy Liu is fantastic actress and her previous role in the Kill Bill films should give her a martial arts background to a point (assuming she did any of her own stunts). Alternately, she could be Ellen Page's Jedi Master in the story. Plus Liu and Page would be the first human female Jedi to have a sizable role in a Star Wars film.

Idris Elba
If you have seen him in Thor, you should that he would make an awesome Jedi. We need another Mace Windo type Jedi and Elba would be a perfect and reasonable pick. In the film he would play the role of former comrade of Viggo's character.

Few of these would be true ultra heroic Jedi, more shades of gray like Jolee Bindo from the Knights of the of the Old Republic video game where Light and Dark Side are really a matter of perspective.

The Villain

With seven Jedi the villain would have to be formidable foe with a sizable army of Dark Jedi and mercenaries as his disposal.  

Hugo Weaving/Benedict Cumberbatch
 Choosing the villain is extremely difficult because no actor that comes to mind is a realistic option. As much as I want Weaving and Cumberbatch to play Jedi, they would both make an excellent villain. Cumberbatch is highly unlikely considering that he will be the main villain in Star Trek: Into Darkness and would not accept a role in a Star Wars film. Hugo Weaving has shown that he is an awesome villain from his Agent Smith role in The Matrix, so imagine Agent Smith is a freaking Lightsaber! If it were set in the Old Republic, I can easily imagine him is a Sith specie in the red make-up. Other actors such as Javier Bardem and Tom Hardy would be cool but they would basically be playing the same character as in their previous films.

The Setting
Most likely it would be set some time after Return of the Jedi and somehow reference the up-coming Episode 7, however I would much prefer it would be set in the Old Republic. An Old Republic setting even being set before Revan and the Old Republic video game. That setting would make for a more gritty and primitive art style more suiting to Zack Snyder's typical art direction. Hopefully the story will be contained on a single backwater planet that just happens to bring some rouge Jedi together through the Force.

While my choices are somewhat unreasonable, featuring many Middle Earth and Chris Nolan cast members, this is who I would want to see in the film. Some of the actors here could be replaced by lesser known actors for the roles that die during the end of the film. As said above, these are more reasonable choices considering a film's budget and the actors other roles in film. For example I would love to see Michael Fassbender, Christ Hemsworth, Ian McKellan, Scarlett Johansson, Huge Jackman, Emma Watson, and Christian Bale, just to name a few actors that I would want in the film.

Do you agree with my choices? What would your dream cast look like? Please comment below.

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  1. I absolutely love your picks for the Jedi. Viggo Mortensen as a Jedi is pure genius. I'm giddy just thinking about it.

    As for the villain, I disagree. Weaving is way overused in Hollywood as the villain and Cumberbatch is unproven as one so far. I would love to see Tom Hardy get behind a mask again :-)

    But seriously, that Viggo Mortensen pick for a Jedi is gold. They need to make that happen.

  2. A very fun post; quite an interesting concept to imagine a Star Wars version of the Seven Samurai (which I saw when I was... twelve, I remember liking it then!) I've also seen the Magnifiniant Seven and that was a good film too. And A Bugs Life can easily been seen as a Seven Samurai take and that turned out to be a pretty good movie too. :)


  3. I'm glad this would be a separate movie from the upcoming trilogy- and I agree, the film being set in the Old Republic would be awesome! :D

    Those actor choices would be really cool- especially Viggo Mortensen; he definitely has the Jedi-quality about him.

    For me I'd love to see(as well as the actors you mentioned) Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Emilie de Ravin, David Tennant, Christopher Eccelston, and of course, I'd love to see ME! XD

  4. I'm pretty sure we're all clear about me and Joesph Gordon-Levitt...I would love that so much! My brother would die if Ellen Page was cast, but Mortensen would be perfect.
    Really good post!


    Zack Snyder has denied all of these rumors since he is in the middle of two other projects including Sin City 2. It's a compelling rumor, but doesn't really match Disney's playbook in my mind. A Brad Bird Star Wars film still seems more likely.

  6. Interesting. I could see this working, though I'm not sure that they're going to go with that. I think they like to spread around rumors, just to get us in a hype.

    I would love to see Viggo as a Jedi, though. That would be wonderfully amazing!


  7. 1. I'm sure Mortensen would be good, as long as he didn't have to yell. His voice would fail like it did on the black gate speech...
    2. Makes me wonder if L Hemsworth is a good actor too. I bet most people just think of him as Thor's real brother though...
    3. Cool. Idris Elba was great in Thor, in fact he was the only good character I really enjoyed watching...
    4. Andy Serkis as an extra-terrestrial? Cool!
    Unfortunately this film is just a rumor that probably won't get off the ground. But with a cast like that it would be awesome to watch! Too bad Christopher Lee is too old to play a Sith Lord...:)

  8. @Jordan: Thanks! :) Viggo is the man! If it were Old Republic Hardy would be an excellent Darth Malagus since that Bane looked like in TDKR. If it were to happen, they would probably choose some guy few people have heard of.

    @Jamie: Glad to hear you liked it, its at the top of films I want to see with The Hidden Fortress. Never thought of A Bugs Life as a Seven Samurai type story but you are right. :)

    @Shena Tokala: You would make a great Jedi! :D

    @billyBobjoe: Haha, JGL would be great! However, I would much rather have him in the main up-coming trilogy.

    @implejr: I've read that as well, however the "Seven Jedi" could still be made with or without Snyder.

    @Alexandra Lanc: Yeah, but it makes for some fun spectulation.

    @JT: Never noticed his voice failing before but you're probably right. Liam Hemsworth was the only great actor in the Expendables 2 and he ws solid in his brief role in the Hunger Games. Are you joking orb being serious? Because Lee was already Count Dooku in Episode 2? :)

    @Everyone: Thanks for all the comments!


  9. This is real interesting. I can't wait to see anything else that turns out! I have yet to see the samurai films yet too, though.

    Viggo... go man. Gotta love him. I'll love him even more if he plays in Star Wars.
    Oh... and I heard that Robert Pattison is eager to take a role in the films. I have nothing against him, but I have a bad feeling about this...

  10. Oh. Not being a Rebel I I forgot that I'd heard that. I was being serious.

  11. I love those picks! Especially Viggo (He was my favorite LotR character) and Ellen Page!

    I'd love to see Christian Bale get to be in it and David Tennant!


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