Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 Year in Television: Part 2

 Here is the continuation of my 2013 Year in Television where I briefly discuss every scripted series that I watched last year. This is not a list and the shows are not in any order. For more details on this post series, click here to read the first part of it.

Doctor Who
As I have said many times, Doctor Who is my favorite television series of all-time; I love it and will never stop watching it. In 2013 we received only a few episodes in comparison to what we have previous gotten with the second half of 2012's season, plus the amazing Day of the Doctor special, and the Time of the Doctor, which gave us the saddening departure of Matt Smith's Doctor, albeit one without any logic whatsoever. Compared to previous seasons, season seven is not the best, particularly the second half. There were certainly great episodes like "Hide," and Clara was incredibly charming as the new companion, but it did not have the quality we have had in the last few seasons. Despite this, The Day of the Doctor was fittingly cinematic and absurdly fun.  

Almost Human
Almost Human is just fun to watch. You may recognize Karl Urban from movies such as the Lord of the Rings and Star Trek because he plays the main character Detective John Kennex. Almost Human is set in a future where all cops are teamed with an android, and Kennex is teamed with one of the rare models that has emotions named Dorian. By far, the best part of the series is the humorous banter between Urban and Michael Ealy that injects some fun to the normally cliched buddy cop formula. The sci-fi world the series is in set in Blade Runner mixed with the best parts of the recent Total Recall film, and it works surprisingly well. Considering that almost every science-fiction series that I watch, which is virtually all of them, is cancelled after one or two seasons, I have probably doomed the show just by watching it (that was a joke).

Person of Interest
Person of Interest's third season stepped it up in a big way compared to the slightly disappointing season two. We got to see more of everyone's favorite psychopathic computer wiz chick, Root, played brilliantly by Amy Acker, as well as the character introduced from last season, Shaw, had a lot more screen time, which made the series a lot better. The big three episode arc right before the mid-season finale had some of the shows best work, and while it would not rank in my top five, it was a very solid action series.

The Crazy Ones
Robin Williams returned to television last year in The Crazy Ones, a series about a father/daughter team that runs an advertising agency. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) plays the daughter, and she is usually humorous. The show itself is sporadic to say the least. Some episodes are positively hilarious, and others have far too much sexual humor that make them almost un-watchable. However, Robin Williams proves that me is one of the funniest men on the planet because when he is given decent material, he is the best.

Sleepy Hollow
Despite a strong pilot, after the following unimpressive three episodes of Sleepy Hollow, I could not watch anymore. It was not bad by any means, I just never felt like watching more of it. Maybe it was because most of the other shows on TV were just better, and of course you cannot watch every show on TV.

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  1. Great list! :D I also love Doctor Who, such a great show!! I agree, season 7 wasn't as strong as previous seasons, but the 50th was really great! :). Oh cool, you're watching a TV show with Amy Acker? I really like her, she's an awesome actor! :D. My sister has watched some of the Crazy Ones and said it was good(I was interested since it had Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams who are both very talented actors).

  2. I've been wanting to see Person of Interest for sometime now and just never have gotten around to it. :( And I still want to give Sleepy Hollow a try since I've read the book and found the idea interesting.


  3. I also just haven't gotten around to Person of Interest, though I like so many on the cast. I've seen the first 3 eps of Almost Human and wouldn't mind seeing more if I can find the time, but right now my extra watching time is being taken up by desperately trying to keep up with Intelligence


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