Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doctor Who: "Asylum Of The Daleks" Review.

If you do not already know, Doctor Who is probably my favorite TV series on right now (The Clone Wars is very close second). Also if anyone is a fan of the series and would like me to continue writing spoiler reviews for the episodes please comment and let me. The Saturday Trivia has been delayed but I will post it tomorrow with my readers choice post.
Since very few if any of you have actually seen the last episode, I keep the spoilers to a minimum with ample warning and all spoilers will be highlighted in red. The new season (or series if you are British) of Doctor Who finally started! And it sure started with a bang! After the Pond Life web series, which I posted below, showed Amy and Rory break up and divorce. I was interested to see were the series would go next but that conflict was resolved by the end of the episode.

"Asylum Of The Daleks" overall was a very impressive episode, the special effects were very good and the acting solid as usual. There only a few smaller plot points that did not make entire sense, nonetheless the episode an awesome to start the series! The endings dual plot twists were very shocking and I will be interested were the series goes next.
*Now it is time for some "Spoilers" You have been warned.*
 The surprise ending that Oswin was actually a Dalek, who thought she was still human but the biggest shock is that all of the Daleks have forgotten Who the Doctor is. Ending them screaming "Doctor Who?!" and even The Doctor himself ends up saying it.
*End of Spoilers*
Overall: 9.2/10- The two plot twists at the end saved it from being an 8.7 but this is the right way to start the series.
What did you think of this last episode? Please comment and let me know

Here is the full Pond life mini web series, be sure to watch this if you watched the episode or plan to watch the latest episode.
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  1. I'm so pumped for this season!! Long live Dr. Who!! :)

  2. @Jake P: Yes! Another Dr. Who fan glad you like the series too. :D


  3. I need to get into Dr. Who but I don't know if that will be possible anytime soon. I know a lot about it from Tumblr though and it looks like the best thing ever. My best friend loves it; I gave him a heart attack the other day by randomly mentioning the Tardis. It was like I said the magic word, the expression on his face was pure shock. I think he was hoping I'd seen it but nope, I was simply flippantly referring to a British TV show I hadn't even seen and got him excited over nothing. LOL. I think I'm going to do that more often just to tease him.


  4. @Jamie: LOL Yes! Please watch the series! The first season was a little weird and had a very low budget but the series gets a lot better in later seasons.


  5. The end of this episode is one of my most favorite Doctor Who moments ever. I thought this was a great episode, and as I mentioned in my comment on your review of The Girl in the Fireplace, it's one of my favorite episodes with the 11th Doctor. Nice review!


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