Monday, September 3, 2012

Read's Choice and Trivia.

Just as last week I would appircate it, if you were to vote on which of the following reviews you want me to post Wedsday and Thusday. Please vote on which two you want me to post Wedsday and Thusday. However, last week Master and Commander, received the third highest votes, therefore I will post that review tomorrow.
 Below is a list of possible movie reviews that I could post.
Batman: Under the Red Hood
Lethal Weapon
Grounghog Day
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Rambo: First Blood
Last week no one answered correctly but here are the answers to the questions and this week's trivia questions.

Name the movie and character that this quote is from.
"Asps... very dangerous. You go first."

What is the name of the club that is featured in the opening of the Temple of Doom?

What was the first movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture?
Answer: Wings, the 1927 silent film.

Name the movie and character that this quote is from.
"I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
Answer: Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks Star Wars and other sci-fi parody of the famous "I am your father." scene from The Empire Strikes Back.
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  1. 1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - Salla

    2. Club Obi-Wan

  2. The bridge on river kwai
    Dunno the answer :(

  3. "Batman: Under the Red Hood" (I've heard so much praise for this one, and it looks amazing!) and "Goldfinger" are the two I'd like to see reviewed.

    And I'm guessing the quote comes from "Indiana Jones," but I don't know. =)

  4. Both are definitely from Indiana Jones...but I don't know anything else. XD

  5. Batman, Under The Red Hood, please!

    Don't know the answers, but some of the other guesses sounded right

  6. @Arda: You are correct!

    @Solace Utara: Thanks for voting. :)

    @Edessa: Thanks for voting, Under the Red Hood should be posted tomorrow. =)

    @Helen: Thanks for trying. :)

    @Jake P: Look for Under the Red Hood tomorrow, I should be able to have it finished by then.

    @Stas Shmy: Good to another Bond fan, thanks for the voting.


  7. Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day is my vote!

  8. Thanks for voting, those are two Bill Muray classics.



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