Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Avengers DVD Release Today and Clips.

Today The Avengers was finally released on DVD/Blu-Ray! I am actually more excited to watch The Avengers again, than I was going to see The Dark Knight Rises for the first time. Last month Marvel released some clips from the amazing film, which I have some commentary about each clip below. Also I will review The Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD. I have pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD but I have to wait for it to arrives in the mail, then I will review it. Warning that will be Avengers spoilers and if you have not seen the movie, go buy a copy and watch it.

Possibly the best scene from the film, the part were the camera circles around the characters is basically a dream come true. Never before had I expected an Avengers movie to actually work, but Whedon made it more than perfect. "The secret is Cap, I'm always angry." may have confused some viewers, however I believe what Stark told Banner earlier in the movie about letting go and maybe he would enjoy it. Also the portrayal of the Hulk in movies and most other media is slightly inaccurate. Usually he is shown as being a completely out of control monster, however the Hulk can have the intelligence of a three year old, similar to the version of the character on "Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes" TV series. Which is the version that is in The Avengers movie, and would explain him helping the team fight Loki.

This scene perfectly captures Captain America's character, he is a natural born leader.Giving orders is what he does best because he is a master strategist. The line at the end "Hulk.....Smash." is just brilliant.

 Here is the top comment on the YouTube video, I thought it was far to awesome not to post.
"Right listen up. Until The Avengers releases on Blu-ray we need to use containment. Barton I want you on Youtube, eyes on illegal uploads call out patterns and strays. Stark you got the perimeter. Any other movie that gets more than 3 stars you turn it back or turn it to ash. Thor you gotta bottleneck the TDKR fanboys, you got the lightning, light the b------s up. You and me, we stay on the ground keep the fans happy. And Hulk! Smash."

Basically a short clip of the best action scene ever filmed. While watching the part when Iron Man deflects his beam off Cap's shield, I did a mental *Fist pump* because I have always wanted to see that on the big screen and it finally happened. Whedon added so much fan service throughout while still making it appeal to the general audience it is incredible. Many were expecting that Black Widow and Hawkeye would be completely useless in the fight but they were used perfectly and made you believe that they could really kick that much butt in the fight. Also the part at the end were Hulk just punches Thor is absolutely hilarious! 

It is awesome how the team suits and gets ready for the fight ending with Cap's line "Son, just don't.", it really could not have gotten any better than this.

The after credits scene featuring Thanos, who has been officially announced as the villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy film in 2014 and the villain in The Avengers sequel in 2015.

Are you going to buy the Blu-Ray/DVD? What did you think of these clips? Please comment below.

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    First clip: I get freaking CHILLS every time I watch that scene it is SO AMAZING! It's so perfect; I love how the one Chitari roars and than Hulk roars back and than it circles round with that epic music. I get the shivers every time, it's beyond epic

    Second clip: Best. Speech. Ever. I love Cap, he knows how to tell everyone what to do while sounding super awesome. LoL!

    Third clip: amazing fight scene; I love how while they're all doing their own thing, they're working together and helping each other. lsajsdkaljdslkfajsljfdkaljf *faints*

    I need to buy this as soon as I'm at a Walmart, I really don't care how much it is. I need to see this again!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I pre-ordered it, so I'll be watching it over and over again as soon as I get it! AH!

  3. Those clips have me pretty excited to finally see The Avengers. That’s right; I’m the one guy on the planet that hasn’t seen it yet LOL. It’s not that I didn’t want to see it on the big screen; it’s just that something always seemed to get in the way every time I was going to see it during its run in the theaters. For about a month there it got pretty tough to avoid spoilers when all my coworkers at DISH would start talking about it. Now I’m kind of tempted to buy it, but I’ve been disappointed with movies I’ve bought without seeing them first a few too many times, so I think I’ll hold off. Besides it’s already in my Blockbuster @Home queue, so I’ll be getting the Blu-Ray in the mail shortly. If I like it, then I probably will end up buying it, and in that case since I pay a flat monthly rate to rent movies and video games, I won’t be paying a couple of bucks to one of those kiosks to rent it and then paying for a Blu-Ray.

  4. @Jamie: LOL Basically my reaction as well!
    I know, it perfectly captures what The Avengers are about.
    Cap is the best leader ever! I have recently discovered that in a current comic book run, Captain America was being elected President. :) He would defintely be better than who we have right now. lol
    I love your reactions, they're always awesome!
    I have never bought a DVD right after it was released but The Avengers is definitely the exception, it's killing me not being ablr to watch again right now!
    Also I added another clips that I thought I added earlier. :)

    @Helen: Same here, hopefully I will finally get it Thursday or Friday! :D

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the comment, I hope you are not disappointed. I have Blockbuster @Home too, it's great most of the time but its also can be REALLY slow. Definitely a lot cheaper than rentals.



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