Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trivia and Lord of the Rings Week Plans.

Congratulations Vellvin at An Irish Maiden for being the first to answer the question correctly! Below are the this week's questions and last week's answers, including two movie quotes.
What is the meaning of the Anglo-Saxon word that Éomer's and Éowyn's names were derived from?
Name the movie and character that this quote is from: "Better clench up Legolas."
Name the movie and character that this quote is from: "It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing."
Last Week's Answers
Name the movie and character that this quote is from: "That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him."
Answer: The Avengers, Bruce Banner

What film franchise did Steven Speilberg origianlly want to make a movie of before Luscas pitched Indiana Jones?
Answer: James Bond: Originally Speilberg wanted to make a James Bond movie until Lucas gave him the much better idea of creating Indiana Jones.
Since Lord of the Rings week is ahead here is the schedule of what to expect in the coming week. Also I will have an Avengers post on the 25th because the Blu-Ray is being released.
Sunday: Epic Film Score and More: Lord of the Rings Soundtrack.
Monday: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings book review.
Tuesday: Avengers Blu-Ray Release and Clips.
Wedsday: Fellowship of the Ring: Book Vs. Movie.
Thursday: My Top 25 Lord of the Rings Characters
Friday: JT's Top 25 Lord of the Rings Characters.
Please comment leave a comment below if you plan to have a Lord of the Rings Week as well or with your guess of this week's trivia. 
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  1. Well, I should study up! Call myself an LOTR geek?
    Anyway, the third one is Boromir from FOTR, the second is probably Aragorn from ROTK, and the first is a real stumper, but I would guess "hero", "nephew/niece" or something to that effect. I am going to investigate that answer, definately. A very loud cheer for anyone who actually knows it.

  2. The second is Boromir from FOTR, but I don't know any of the other questions. :) I'm looking forward to all your posts! They sound really fun, and I'll definitely be reading them!

  3. Hoi! Last week's answer wasn't from Star Wars, it was Mark Ruffalo's character Bruce Banner in Marvel's The Avengers, talking about Loki. ;)

    Anyway, the second trivia this week is also from The Avengers, and it's Tony Stark/Iron Man talking.

    And the last is Boromir from FOTR of course ;)

  4. @JT: Thanks for guessing, the answer will be revealed next week.

    @Helen: Thanks, glad you will be reading them. :)

    @The Director: Ops, I must have copyed last week's answer, thanks for the telling me. Thanks the comment. :)


  5. Aww I came too late :/ Again....
    And this one is about Legolas too... :P
    Anwyay, dunno the first, second is Iron Man in Avengers, third is Boromir in FOTR.
    yay for LOTR week!! :D :D :D


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