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Top 10 War Movies.

Since today is Memorial Day, here is the list of my Top 10 Favorite War movies. I am defining the "War" movie genre as any movie that takes place during a real war. However the movie can still be fiction if it takes place during war like Saving Private Ryan, The Bridge on the River Kwai and The Dirty Dozen, which are all fiction but based on a real war. Although I do like many war movies, there are not a lot of truly great ones but here is the list of my Top 10 favorites. Also I am not going to include Captain America: The First Avenger as a war movie on the list but if I did include, it would rank number one on the list.

At Number 10: Definence
Based on a true story, about Jews hiding from the Nazi Holocaust.

At Number 9: Black Hawk Down
Although I find it hard to enjoy some war movies that are based directly on history, that show the horrors of war too realistically. But Black Hawk Down is a good accurate war movie based on true events.

At Number 8: Sergeant York
Now this is a great movie, one of my favorites. Based on the true life story of Alvin York, that follows him from his early life and on.

At Number 7: Saving Praivate Ryan
This might be closer to top of most others' lists but there are some flaws with the story that hinder it from true greatness and you never really care about what happens to the characters since their goal is almost unnecessary. Despite these flaws the opening D-Day scene is one of the most gripping and realistic battle scene ever filmed.

At Number 6: The Dirty Dozen
The classic WWII "Bad Men on a Mission" movie. With the all-star cast of Hollywood's best tough-guys,

At Number 5: The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Bridge on the River Kwai, the Oscar winning war epic. One of the best prison movies ever made and Alec Guinness' performance was legendary.

At Number 4: Lawrence of Arabia
Although you might not think that Lawrence of Arabia is a war movie but it does take place during World War I agianst the Turks, who were alies with the Germans.

At Number 3: The Great Escape
Based on the true story of POWs escaping from a German prison camp. The movie has humor, a all-star cast and a great chase scene. There are a few other reasons that I like the movie but that would spoil the plot.

At Number 2: Braveheart
Some might not think of Braveheart as a war movie, but it is about war. And if you have seen the movie you would probably agree that this a great movie.

At Number 1: Kelly's Heroes
Okay, this is an very unconventional choice, that most people have not seen. Kelly's Heroes is an action comedy and my favorite action comedy. It is very underrated and not seen by very many people. I probably will get some flack for this choice but I really did enjoy the movie.

What are your favorite War movie? Please comment below.

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  1. I haven't seen any of these films(though I have heard of them) and I really want to watch them since they look really interesting.
    My favorite war film is actually a miniseries called North and South(followed by Love and War and Heaven and Hell) which is about two friends, one from the south and one from the north, during the Civil War. It's a really well done show and is a favorite of mine.

  2. I haven't seen any of those yet, but I've really wanted to see "Sergeant York." *nods*

    My favorite war film is "Silent Night," which is about a squad of Nazis and a squad of Allies who have to spend Christmas together. It's very dramatic and very well done. :D Have you ever seen it?

  3. I haven't seen many war movies, but Lawrence of Arabia and Braveheart are in my top four. Have you seen Gods and Generals and Gettysburg yet? Gettysburg is awesome and my #1

  4. Saving Private Ryan is the greatest war film of all time, in my opinion. Not sure what you mean by story flaws and unnecessary goals. :) I have yet to find a war movie that matches it in terms of scope, thoughtfulness, technical excellence, and emotional impact.

    Glad to see Black Hawk Down, The Great Escape, and Defiance make the list. Fantastic movies.

    Shoot me, but... I strongly dislike Braveheart. The warped depiction of William Wallace (and the fact that the Battle of Stirling Bridge has no stinking bridge) annoy me to the nth degree.

    I'll make a point to check out Kelly's Heroes. It looks really, really good...

  5. @Shena Tokala: That sounds very interesting, I am really intersted in Civil War history.

    @Edessa: I highly recommend Sergeant York, I think you would like it.
    I have not seen it, but I will look into it. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    @JT/King Valun: I think I watched both of those around 9 years ago when but I really do not remember them enough to incude them but I plan on renting the movies some time. I am sure I will like them. Also look for the Lawrence of Arabia review probably Friday.


    @the Ink Slinger: *Warning Spoilers to Saving Private Ryan for whoever is reading this*
    Thanks for your comment and opinion. I thought that the characters dying for just one man was a little unnecessary since I do not think some thing like that happened during D-Day in reailty. But I do agree that technically it was brilliant. :)

    Glad you like those movies aswell, Defiance is very underrated.

    That historical inaccuraties were major and I too was annoyed by the bridge not having a bridge (I am kind of a history buff) but I do have to give it credit for good film making. :)

    I hope you enjoy Kelly's Heroes.


  6. I like Sergeant York!!! :D

    Paton is neat as far as war movies go although it has A LOT of swearing. :/ but still it's kinda cool. :)

  7. Hmmm... well, of course the story is fictional, but the "many men dying for one" isn't such a far-fetched scenario. It's happened before and it will continue to happen. That's part of what makes the film so powerful, IMHO.

    Oh, and while we're on the subject of war films... have you seen The Lost Battalion? You really should check it out. It's terrific. I wrote a review of it here, if you're interested:

  8. Sergeant York--love that movie.

    I really want to see Saving Private Ryan sometime.

    Dad and I watched Lawrence of Arabia--it was sooo long but interesting at the same time.

    We saw the cleaned up version of Braveheart and it was good but I've found it quite overrated.

    And I agree with Kayla, I really enjoy the movie Patton though it did have quite a lot of swearing, but no f-words or s-words at least... :)

    I also like the movie D-Day that starred a whole bunch Hollywood stars including John Wayne. :D

    But I will agree with you that if Captain America is considered a war movie, it would be my favorite as well! :D


  9. @Kayla: Thanks for recommandation, I have it recorded on my DVR, so hopefully I will watch soon. :)

    @the Ink Slinger: I can completely understand why you like it, since it is one of the most popular war movies. :)
    I have not seen that movie but I check out your review.

    @ Jamie: Thanks for recommandations. :) I will try to check them out.



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