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IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movie List Part 1: 25-17.

Since The Avengers has recently been released I figured I should have a post about comic book movies in general. Note, this list was made last year right after the Summer movie season, so The Avengers would not be included.
This is's list of their Top 25 Comic Book Movies. IGN is one of the largest movie and video game review website and they often make Top 25 Lists of movies and video games. Since many other sites have given their opinions of their lists I will post mine. Some might say that it is their opinion but IGN is considered the leading authority in Comic Books and Movies, so it is right to criticize them. There are some very strange inconsistencies with many of their lists for example: the movie Iron Man 2 is not on the list although IGN gave a review score of 4 out of 5 stars, which is much higher than most of the movies on the actual list. There are a few other movies that were omitted that are consider by many to be good movies and they are: X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Red, and Men in Black. While I have seen around 50 different Comic Book movies, I still have not seen all of the movies on this list, therefore I do not have an opinion of those movies. Also warning some of these movies are rated "R".

The Rocketeer is a good choice for the 25th spot. While it is not a great movie, it is a fun family film. If it was not for The Rocketeer the Joe Johnston would probably not have directed Captain America: The First Avenger. The Rocketeer had a interesting 1940s retro look that was similar to what Captain America: The First Avenger looked like. Except that The Rocketeer had a more cartoon look. While it was not a great it was a decent family film.

Like many of the editors at IGN I loved the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) movie when I has a kid. When I decided to watch for some nostalgia it was almost unbearable to watch! I tried to watch the first half but I could not continue because it was terrible even for a kid's movie. TMNT is in no way better than Iron Man 2 or any of the movies I listed above.

I have not seen this yet.

Warning This is Rated "R".
Blade is very overrated! While it was Marvel's first successful movie, Blade had terrible acting, cheesy dialogue and dumb plot. Most real critics agree that Blade is a bad movie, the only thing that it does have is action. The action scenes are actually really good but that is the only good thing about the movie.

Warning This is Rated "R".
I have not seen this yet.

I mostly agree with the ranking on the list, although it should be a little higher. Superman 2 was the first Comic Book movie sequel and overall it was a good fun movie, despite being corny at times.

Warning This is Rated "R".
I also have not seen Ghost World yet.

Warning This is Rated "R".
I have not yet either.

Warning This is Rated "R" (I am not for sure on this movie).
I also have not seen this movie.

I know that I have not seen many of the movies on the so far but I have seen most of the movies in the parts of this list. Be sure to check back soon for more.

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  1. I think the only film here I'd be interested in watching would be The Rocketeer...It sounds like a 'okay' movie. :D



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