Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beyond The Avegners: Iron Man 3.

 As I previously stated there is going to be a third Iron Man movie, but there have been some rather interesting details about it. It has been obvious to Comic Book fans that the Iron Man franchise are setting up The Mandarin to be the next Iron Man villain. There are references to the "The 10 Rings Organization" ever since the beginning of the first Iron Man movie. Yinsen even called them "The 10 Rings" during the movie and they were referenced again during a news broadcast. Although Marvel has stated that The Mandarin will not be the villain in Iron Man 3, Marvel has screwed several times with false information like the Skrulls being in The Avengers, which they were obviously not in the movie. Another supporting fact is that Iron Man 3 is being filmed in China, which is were The Mandarin is from. But the casting of Ben Kingsley (picture below) as the Iron Man 3's main villain would suggest that The Mandarin is not going to be the villain since Kingsley is English not Chinese, although he does kind of look the part. Also Jon Favreau will not be directing Iron Man 3, it will be Shane Black . I have not seen any of Shane Black's movies but many of them are considered very good.
The Mandarin
Ben Kingsley

Below are various videos about the up coming Iron Man 3.
Note: This is the information about Scarlett Johansson will not be in Iron Man 3.

Note: This also contains things about The Hobbit and other movie news but you can click on the list on the screen to skip to what you want to see.

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  1. Sounds good. Definitely looking forward to Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and The Avengers 2! :)

  2. Iron Man in China?! o___O Okaaaay... I'm now really wanting more information about it all but I suppose we'll have to wait a while for it. Thanks for all the videos!!!


  3. @Shena Tokala: Can't wait for the sequels too. :)

    @Jamie: Well, it is original to the comics and it has been set up for a while now with the 10 Rings.


  4. Scar needs her own film!! XD
    I hope Iron Man III will head back uphill!! XD I really want to see Pepper again!


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