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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reaction/Review.

If you were fortunate enough to watch The Avengers in theaters yesterday you probably got to see the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Although this trailer was released  April 30th I wait until after The Avengers week to post about it. Also there are still a lot of Avengers and Comic Book things I am going to post coming soon until I actually see The Avengers movie so look for that.

The previous Christopher Nolan Batman, The Dark Knight, is considered by many to be the quote: "Best Comic Book" movies of all time. While I do think that The Dark Knight is overrated, it is still ranks at around 26th on my All Time Favorite Movies list, which is really high and I highly recommend watching the first Chris Nolan Batman movie Batman Begins. Before this trailer I really was not really excited about The Dark Knight Rises but after watching the trailer, I really excited for the movie! Although it will probably be overrated no matter how good or bad the movie actually is. I think it will be the fourth best movie of the year after The Hobbit, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man. This trailer is great in terms of structure and not showing too much. There is a large noticeable change with Bane's voice from the previous trailer (watch below) compared to the current trailer. He is much easier to understand than in the other trailer. It was said that his voice would change and I really lad that they did because trying to watch a full moive with two guys, who sound like a garbage disposals. It is not clear how this Bane will be anything like the one from the comic since Bane uses a chemical named "Venom" to give him enhanced strength and size, but he does not look very similar to the comic although Nolan never really stayed true to the comics. What I like the most about the trailer is the action. It looks like it will finally have some decent action, which the previous movies serverly lacked. The action the other Batman movies were really poorly choreographed and were did not use enough lighting. The cast for The Dark Knight Rises is phenomal incuding returning cast members: Christian Bale, Michael Caine (Inception), Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. Plus some new names like: Tom Hardy (Inception), Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) and Marion Cotillard (Inception).  Hopefully Christopher Nolan has learned how to direct action better since his master peice, Inception. It looks like Inception meets The Dark Knight with the casting choices. While I do not read any spoilers about movies, I do know that The Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 years after the end of The Dark Knight. Overall the trailer looks great and I am excited to see the movie.

Below are some custom screen shots and my thoughts about each picture.
Here is a really good shot of Tom Hardy as Bane. I like the mask, it looks like it would fit into the real world well.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He played one of my favorite characters in Inception and Christopher Nolan seems to cast actors he is familer with for his movies, so it is not surprising that Gordon-Levitt is in The Dark Knight Rises.

The bridge is probably being exploded to keep the prisoners on the island from escaping from Arkham or Bane could be terrorizing the city.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman/Selina Kyle. She is one of my favorite Batman characters. Catwoman is a anit-heroine, who often works with Batman but ultimatly works for herself.

It appears that Bane defeats Batman and that is why he is captured in the later clips.

This looks like the bad guy version of the Tumbler Batmobile.

I guess this is Catwoman's verison of the Batpod.

This looks like it should be on a poster. Batman looks awesome.

I really like how Catwoman is going to help Batman in the movie and not just the villain in the movie.

Batman vs. Bane, this looks like an awesome battle.

I have no idea what this person is doing in that part, it is very odd.

No this is what The Dark Knight needed some fully lit day time action scenes. The only question is what are the cops not using guns?

Marion Cotillard from Inception will be playing a original character to the Batman universe Miranda Tate, who will be the romantic interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the movie.

This is one my favorite shots from the trailer Batman and Catwoman fighting some thugs.

Basically Bane during the big Battle of Gotham, this looks like it is going to be good.

It seems that Bane has a few copies of the Tumbler and a good shot of the Batwing in action.

This appears to be one of Batman's new gadgets. It looks like a eclectic shock gadget, similar to one used in the Arkham City video game.

An under shot of the Batwing. Maybe it is like a helicopter.

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  1. I saw The Avengers last night, but I think the DKR trailer was only on IMAX screens; I didn't see it. The movie worked a lot better than I hoped. Nick Fury's cool, Cap is great,... you know where I'm going... and so you know where I'm coming from, Tony Stark rocks!, along with Thor and Hulk...

  2. Cool custom shots and commentary. :) I like it when you do this.

    I've not seen much of Batman so this is new to me. It looks neat though!!! Catwoman looks kinda cool. :P So does Batman though.

    Good post!

  3. I am glad you liked! :D I told you Tony ROCKS!

    @Kayla: Thanks Kayla! :D I do recommend watching the movies. They were directed by the same guy who directed Inception. :)


  4. The movie looks really good! I saw The Dark Knight a year or so ago and it was good and I really want to see Batman Begins. :)

  5. I also saw this trailer and to me, the weakest aspect of the film looks like Catwoman. Anne Hathaway was badly miscast to play the character.

    I'm not a fan of the costume they chose, but worse is the way Catwoman comes across like a sidekick for Batman. It's not like how she's usually depicted. Arkham City had a much better look and, judging from the trailer, take on the character.

    Maybe Anne Hathaway could have played Batgirl, but she's no Michelle Pfeiffer. Or Julie Newmar for that matter.

  6. I am excited to see this, and I think that it will probably be a great film. I really liked The Dark Knight, though I wouldn't say it was my favorite movie of all time (that spot is reserved for Casablanca). Overall, I'm excited for this film, but I was more excited to see the Avengers. While I think this will be good, it also looks a bit odd to me, compared to the others, and I don't really care for Bane as the bad guy, but...we will see (you're right, The Hobbit will beat it, anyway; looking soooo forward to that!).

    Best Wishes,


  7. I am so freakin' excited about this movie! The best parts are the action and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! I don't know about Hathaway, but I trust Nolan. Hopefully gonna go see Avengers with my sis and some guys friends pretty soon!

  8. @Banon: I'am still on the fence about Hathaway. Nolan hasn't really stayed close to comics with any of his characters.
    Arkham City does look for the most since in The Dark Knight, there was very little to distinguish between Gotham and any other city,

    I do agree that Hathaway would be a good Batgirl. Although I perfer the comic version than Michelle Pfeiffer's version since for some reason she had supernatural powers.
    But she couldn't be worse than Halle Berry.

    @Alexandra Lanc: I am glad you agree. I am a lot more excited to see The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises.
    I kind of like Bane but this one is nothing like the comics.

    @bliiyBobjoe: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one my favorite actors also.
    I hope you can see The Avengers soon.



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