Monday, May 7, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Review/Reaction.

Wow! It really could not get any better for comic book fans. The Avengers is out in theaters, a new Dark Knight Rises trailer and now a new The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. I am predicting that the big three comic book movies are going to be the best movies of the summer. This could be the best year in movies ever.
While the other Amazing Spider-Man looked cool this was just awesome! The first Spider-Man movie basically created what we know today as the modern comic book movie. If you have not seen Spider-Man 1 and 2, I highly recommend watching both movies. Although Captain America is my favorite hero, I know the more about Spider-Man than any other hero. The movie is going for a darker tone compared to the original but there are some things that are closer to the comics that the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. He finally has his "Web Shooters", which are devices that Spider-Man's signature web for swinging and taking down bad guys. In the original Spider-Man movie he had natural organic web that came from his wrist that was really the only thing that I did not like about the original Spider-Man films. Also Spider-Man is actually going to crack a few jokes while fighting bad guys like the comics. My favorite part of the trailer was when the thief took out his knife and Spider-Man said "You've found my weakness... Its small knifes." That was hilarious and fit with the comic book version of the character perfectly. Unlike the previous Spider-Man his main "romantic interest" is Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane. I think that is a good since it is obviously trying to distance its self from the original in as many ways as possible. That is a bold move but it is the right one. There is something about the character Gwen Stacy that most comic book fans know but will completely spoil one of the future movies. It does appear that Gwen does knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, which is good because that is what I wanted to happen in other Spider-Man stories. Another thing about this that is closer to the comics is that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is in high school, were the other movie he was only in high school for a short period of time. There are some things about the trailer that I am not a big fan of which was The Lizard, the first person perspective, which I will talk about more below and that the movie be over stuffed with the origin story, Peter's parents, and fighting the Lizard. There are some things I noticed but I will spoil that for the movie. Overall I am really excited to The Amazing Spider-Man now since it closer to the comics except for the darker tone.

I am not a big fan of the first person perspective in movies but I hope there is only one sequence like this in the movie.

I do not really like the look of the Lizard. It should be more like the comic (picture below) with a longer shout.

Although there has not been any confirmation on whether or not Norman Osborn is going to be in the movie but his company Oscorp is.

I assume that this is after some battle since there are so many different cars hanging there.

The classic hanging up side down pose.

I am not sure why Spider-Man has made a web in what is probably a sewer. 

The Amazing Spider-Man seems to have a lot of focus on Peter's parents, who in this version were working for Oscorp.

A great shot of his web shooter.

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. She does look the part and I think she will be great in the movie.

Although Andrew Garfield is 28 year old he does look like Peter Parker and a believable high school student.

Here is the best part of the trailer  "You've found my weakness... Its small knifes." Spider-Man is finally going to wise cracking during combat.

It appears that his web shooters light up when he fires his web. Interesting choice, not entirely sure why though.

As I said before something that was missing with the original Spider-Man movie was that he is a very smart and can build his own tech.  

I think his Web Shooter malfunctioned while building it,

I would really like to know who that Darth Sidious lookalike is. Maybe Osborn or someone else.  

The Lizard is releasing some form of chemicals that I think would change the people of New York into Lizardmen.

Sally Fields as Aunt May. She has already proven that she is a great motherly figure in Forrest Gump so she should be great as Aunt May.

What did you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. I saw this trailer in the theater. To me it doesn't nearly as cool as The Avengers. You're right about the Lizard; in the trailer he looks like a green mini-kong. The web in the sewer's probably part of the biggest chase/battle scene between spider and Lizard.I won't be going to see this movie, but it looks kind of cool.

  2. @JT/King Valun: I agree it doesn't look as good as The Avengers. I am really excited for it because I am a fan of the characters. :)


  3. I've seen this trailer twice now in theaters! It looks really neat! Jamie and I both want to see this version of Spider Man! :D Again awesome commentary. :) It looks pretty good!

  4. @Kayla: I hope ya''l can see it! :D And thanks. :) You need to watch the original Spider-Man movie sometime.


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