Friday, April 27, 2012

Avengers Assemble Week! And New Header!

Avengers Will Assemble in One Week!
But those lucky British will see it almost a week before we do! And it was pre-screened on April 11! The Avengers is the event of the Summer. Even if you have not seen the other movie connected with The Avengers you should go see The Avengers in theaters. Early reviews suggest that it is even better than it looks. Many people are saying that it is the best comic book movie ever! Even better than The Dark Knight. The is an amazing feat considering the crazy fan base of The Dark Knight.
What does everyone think about the new header for Avengers Week?
Also thank you everyone for all the positive comments on my Blogoversary post.

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  1. That is an epic header! *nods* I just hope that "The Avengers" can live up to its hype... :D

  2. WHOOOO! AVENGER WEEK!!!!!! aksld;fjkasldjlajkdflkjfalsjdlfkalsdfjklajfsd.... (I feel like every time I do that, it looks like I smashed my head into the keyboard or something! LOL) Those lucky Brits! Why the heck did they get an early screening?????????

    Great header, perfect picture for it!!! I'm really looking forward to your posts~


  3. AAAHHH! AVENGERS!!!! I love your new header. ;)

  4. Ohhhh man! I came on your blog and I was like, "EEEEEKKKK- THAT AWESOME HEADER!!!" LOL! I LOVE IT! SO EXCITING!


  5. @Edessa: Thanks! From the reviews, it has exceeded the hype. :D

    @Jamie: ROFL :D I know! They get early screenings of a lot movies that us Americas do not!
    Thanks! ;)

    @The Musical Dancer: Thank you. :)

    @Kayla: Thanks! :D LOL



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