Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who are The Avengers' Aliens?

Who are these aliens?! It was been speculated that the aliens are Skrull but never confirmed. Since Skrull's are shape shifters they could look like anything but that would make sense in battle. These could also be the Kree the Skrulls' enemy or it could even be something from Asgard. There are many theories but nothing is for sure. Here is the new TV spot trailer with some bad guy footage.



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  1. Why on Earth does the TV spot have more balance than any of the full trailers?! When I saw Loki's smirk I was like 'Nick Fury, slap his stupid face! The screen grab of Hawkeye firing around 09-10 is awesome. And :D the Kree look like Pandorians...

  2. That is a good question. I agree Hawkeye is really awesome! :D
    Well actually the Navi (Pandorians)look like the Kree since the Kree were created in 1967 but they do look simialr.


  3. I cannot stand the awesomeness anymore! That trailer is so amazing; I love the part where Tony laughs, "yeah!" It cracks me up!

    I can't wait for this movie so we can watch it and than adapt our questions list to it!


  4. I cannot wait to find out what the Avengers are up against. I've heard Loki say, "I have a army' so many times I too am wondering, 'A army of what?" This will be interesting.

  5. maybe something new for the movie, or something off the comics that some people might forgot about.

  6. @Jamie: I agree that part is great. :) We should be able to add a fe more questions to it.

    @Kayla: That is a very good question. ;)

    @Max Sumii: That is a very likely explanation. Thanks for the comment Max.


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