Sunday, March 11, 2012

More 11 Tag Questions.

I have been tagged again by Cyby at Bricks of Cyby.

1) Which do you prefer: Math or science? And what subdivision? Like algebra or trig, or mechanical systems or ecosystems.
Math probably algebra.

2) Do you play a musical instrument? Note: a kazoo does not count.
Nope. I do not know how to play any instrument.

3) What's the best racing video game you've ever played?

I am a hardcore gamer but I really like Mario Kart. That is my favorite but Foraz 4 is also good.

4) What's your favourite song?
I guess "Johnny B Goode" by Chuck Berry.

5) If you belch in public, and no one is around, do you say "excuse me"?
I do it about half the time.

6) What's your favourite LEGO stop motion film?
Any of my movies and other than those it would be the Lego Force Unleashed Lego movie.

7) Have you learned any Spanish from Daren Streblow?
No, Latin is my second language.

8) Do you find it hard trying to make up 11 random questions?
Yes, it took me a few day to come up with the questions.

9) Are you handy with power tools?
Yes I am. I have help with some major renovations of my house, like completely remodel the kitchen and many other projects.

10) What's your favourite car?
That is a really hard question but the 2011 Camaro SS is great.

11) How did you find my blog? ~stole that question from That Dude~
From That Dude's blog.

1. What is your biggest pet peeve
I can not think of anything "pet peeve" that is not blogger related but there are a lot of thing makes me mad about blogger.
1: The auto play music is really annoying. I have to stop it from playing just so I can read the post. I don't know about you but I don't like reading while listening to music with lyrics but I do like listening to my Star Wars and other movie soundtrack while reading.

2: Word verification thing super annoying! It has changed to be even worse! That is why I don't have it set like that. The only thing it does is try to keep from having "bot spam comments". But it really doesn't make much of a different. I have tried.

2. Why are you following my blog?
Because I like your posts about Star Wars and other cool stuff.

3. If you could be a character from any movie who would you be and why

4. Do you have a pet
Yes, a cat named Sarge, two dogs named: Chipper and Susie.

5. What's your fav. video game
I like a lot of video games! I could probably make a Top 50 favorites list, which I think I will at some point. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is not just the best Star Wars video game but one of the best games ever made. And Halo Reach is the best First Person Shooter, I have played.

6. What's the name of your best friend
Rebecca at Just me... and her brother Jackson. I have known them since I was eight.

7. What did you dream about last night
I do not remember my dreams. I am weird like that.

8. Fav. dessert
Buttermilk pie, Cheese Cake, ice cream, many more.

9. Can you do a personal trick (juggle, tongue clover, etc...)
I can twist my tongue in a weird shape.

10. What's one weird thing about you
I do not need much sleep.

11. Random Question Of Your Choosing
Favorite Reality TV series

That is it for the questions.

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  1. I how you answered 'which character from any movie would you want to be and why' and just posted a Han Solo picture! LOL "Nuff Said". XD


  2. @Jamie: Well, a picture is worth a 1000 words. :) I normally hate that saying though. ;)


  3. I can make my tongue go into a roll shape, it annoys the heck out of my sister that she can't do it, and as for cars, nice choice!! I love that car too. That would be my dream car!!

  4. Wow. Long post... sooo long comment! :D

    I've always wanted to play a racing game. I should probably look into that sometime. (I think I would probably in-vision my self as Tony Stark if I tried playing a game like that, haha)
    5) is a odd but extremely interesting question I must say.
    I have to say that yellow car is cool! Your cat's name reminds me of the cat's from John Wayne movies, XD they are usually named like that. And it is neat you don't need much sleep! So convenient! Good post!


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