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Interview with Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes

This is an interview with Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes. It is a great blog that I recommend you check it out. She also has two other blogs Jamie's Other  and Pictures of Princess. My questions are in Red and her answers are in black. If you want to be part of an interview next please send e-mail to .

Do you think there is a chance of The Avengers being a major disappointment?
Wow---horrifying thought, honestly. There’s always that tiny possibility, but really, if they don’t mess the characters up, than there shouldn’t be room for any major disappointment. From the looks of the latest trailer, it should be a real smash! I have really high hopes for this film and I hope it lives up them all!

What is your opinion of the Star Wars Prequels? And why do you think so many people hate them so much?
My opinion of the prequels is that they’re not as good as the Originals but they have good value. Revenge of the Sith was really good and Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace was also good. Even great. But not as ‘amazing’ as the Originals. The reason I think people dislike them so much is because they were very different from the Originals. One thing I know is different and disappointing is how under-developed the characters are, compared to Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. This aspect of the films especially could have been handled differently.

Why do you think so many people hate Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker?

I have no idea! I honestly cannot even comprehend why people wouldn’t like Mark Hamill’s acting. I think he did an amazing job portraying Luke Skywalker. He’s one of my favorite actors, as well. So… yeah, I’ve got no clue. All I can say is that it’s rather… sick.

Do you think Pixar is overrated? And if so why do you think almost everyone likes the movies so much?
I think they’re overrated in different areas, definitely. Especially in their fan base. I have a lot of friends who are Pixar freaks and the reasons I’ve heard them give is because they think Pixar is a ‘master storyteller’. I will grant Pixar puts out creative and very well-told stories, but I think fans go a little far when they say how much better Pixar is over Disney or Dreamworks, because it’s not true. Disney and Dreamworks have done some master storytelling of their own---look at such films as ‘Bolt’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Disney, and ‘Prince of Egypt’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Dreamworks. Granted, there are some good Pixar films, like the Toy Story Trilogy and Monsters Inc. But… yes, they’re overrated, none the less.

What is your opinion of Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe)? Do you believe it should be considered cannon?
I’ve not read much EU. Some of it sounds really good (the one book I read was VERY good). But most has also made the characters be uncharacteristic to how they were in the films, especially from the Originals. A lot of the things I’ve heard about Han and Leia’s children is really sad and almost sick—Han and Leia would be much better parents to their children than what I’ve read or seen. Like having Leia so work-minded instead of having her spend time with her kids, which is something she would totally do. Other changes like having the Emperor come back in a different body and Chewbacca being killed are rather disturbing to say the least. I especially despise the bringing back characters who were thought dead---that’s very undermining to the actual work the protagonists do and is spirit-crushing to me. So… I’m not wild about a lot of the EU. There is enough good in it that I think it could be given a chance, though. I, personally, hold the movies as actual cannon. Outside of the six movies, not so much---that’s how I roll right now.
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Thanks Jamie for your great answers to the questions and do not forget to check back here next week for Jamie's Guest Post Review for the movie Charade. Also tomorrow I will be posting a review for the new The Avengers Trailer.

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