Friday, March 30, 2012

Epic Film Score and More Friday

Here is some epic music. This orkestra's music has been used in many movie trailers and movies. They make some of the most epic music ever composed. Here are just a few of pieces of their work.


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  1. Their music is good, but I don't listen to it because of the name of the group. It sounds satanic.

    So...I listen to Immediate Music. :D

  2. @Alyianna: I have not had much thought about the name since I usually hear the music in trailers and montages but I do agree.


  3. I love the music by this group! I'd have to agree on the name, but oh well.....they have longer ones than this I think.

    As to your question, do you mean just the words "Would I watch this again?"?
    In that case go right ahead, I own no rights at all to the phrase - use it without any reference! ;-D

    P.S. Your page takes awhile to load, and I'd suggest limiting your posts per page or something. XD

  4. OneofakindKnight: Thanks! I did not want "steal" the idea without being sure to ask you first. :) I will be including your in my "Fellow Reviews" post when ever I get around to writing it and thank for telling about the slow page loading.


  5. Sorry it took so long for me to comment; I didn't get around to listening to all the music till this morning. I've actually not heard much by this group but you found some REALLY GOOD ONES! Wow! So super epic!



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