Saturday, October 8, 2011

Television Awards Part 1.

The Fall season has began for most show so we are giving awards for all of the shows that the show's season has ended.

Best Animated: Star Wars The Clone Wars
This is including the winter season. The Clone Wars does it again with the amazing Nightsisters and Ghosts of Mortis trilogies. With a new darker tone and great new look The Clone Wars was amazing.

Runner Up: Avengers: Heroes!

Best Fiction: Doctor Who
Doctor Who blows away the competition with its incredible plot twists and comedy that makes for one of the best shows ever.

Runner Up: Alphas.

Best Educational: Mythbusters
Although Mythbusters' recent season has a little disappointing compared to the previous seasons but it still had plenty of myths and explosions.

Best Reality Competition: Survivor
With the additionof Redemption Island and entertaining new people like "Special Agent Phillip Sheppard" made you of the best season yet.

Runner Up: Top Shots

Best New Fiction: Alphas
Alphas season didn't start off very good but the last 3/4 of the season were great.

Runner Up: Falling Skies.

Don't forget to check back tomarrow for part 2 of the Television Awards.

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