Tuesday, October 25, 2011

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review.

If you have seen the movie please give it any score from 1 to 10.

Directed by: Gavin Hood
Genre: Action, Comic Book
Release Date: May 1, 2009 (2009-05-01)
Running Time: 107 minutes
MMPA rating: PG-13

The Good: All of the action scenes were great except Sabretooth's parts, The first scene with Deadpool was awesome, Opening montage of Wolverine and Sabretooth's early life was great, Hugh Jackman was again awesome as Wolverine,

The Bad: Disappointing compared to the other X-Men movies, Complete and totally screw up Deadpool after his first scene,

Plot: In 1845 Canada, young James Howlett sees his father killed by groundskeeper Thomas Logan. The trauma activates the boy's mutation: bone claws protrude from James' hands, and he kills Thomas, who reveals with his dying breath to be James' real father. James flees into the forest along with Thomas's son Victor Creed, who is thus James' brother. They spend the next century as soldiers, fighting in the American Civil War, both World Wars and the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, Victor (Liev Schrieber) attempts to rape a local village woman, but is stopped after killing a senior officer. James (Hugh Jackman) defends his brother, and the two are sentenced to execution by firing squad, which they survive. Major William Stryker (Danny Huston) approaches them, now in military custody, and offers them membership in Team X, a group of mutants including marksman Agent Zero (Daniel Henney), swordsman Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), teleporter John Wraith (, invulnerable Fred Dukes (Kevin Durand) and electropathic Chris Bradley (Dominic Monaghan). They join the team, but the group's questionable actions and disregard for human life cause James to leave.
Six years later, James, now going by the name Logan, lives in Canada with his girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins). Colonel Stryker locates Logan and warns him that someone is killing members of the team; both Wilson and Bradley are dead. Shortly afterward, Victor murders Kayla and attacks Logan. Stryker offers Logan a way to beat Victor; Logan undergoes an operation to reinforce his skeleton with adamantium, a virtually indestructible metal. Before the procedure, Logan asks for new dog tags inscribed with "Wolverine", based on a story that Kayla told him. Once the procedure is complete, Stryker orders Logan's memory erased, but Logan overhears and fights his way out. As Logan runs, Zero tracks him down but is killed. Watch the movie to what happens next.

Plot: 7.0/10- The plot had some thing I like but there are some decisions that were made that really screwed up the movie like (Warning spoiler) Adamantium memory erasing bullets.

Action: 9.0/10- It had a lot of good action except Sabretooth's parts which looked odd the he fights in some scenes.

Acting: 7.4/10-  Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was perfect and so was Taylor Kitsch as Remy "Gambit" LeBeau but some of the minor characters were not great.

Special effects: 7.7/10- Overall the effects were good but there was one scene right after Wolverine gets his claws that looks really fake.

Soundtrack: 7.7/10- The soundtrack was good.

Comedy: N/A

Overall: 7.6/10- Overall X-Men Origins: Wolverine was disappointing compared to the other X-Men movies but it is not terrible.

Closing comments: X-Men Origins: Wolverine made some dumb decisions in the plot that made us really angry because we are fans and it screwed up some very good characters that should have been better but it was a good action packed movie.

Recommended for: X-Men fans, Action movie fans, Comic Book movie fans, Hugh Jackman fans


  1. love this movie. love xmen as a whole. :)

  2. @Jaggerfan1: Thanks for the comment.

    @Aalya Rain: X-Men is also one of my favorites. :)

  3. I love this movie. Mostly because of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. I like the other X-Men movies as well. Great post!


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