Friday, October 21, 2011

Megamind Review.

If you have seen the movie please give it any score from 1 to 10.

The overall score for a animated movie is relative to other animated movies. Example: If an animated movie gets a overall score of an 8.4/10 and an live action movie gets a score of 7.8/10 it doesn't mean the animated movie is better when comparing them. If you have any questions about this please post a comment.

Disclaimer: In general do not like many animated movie because we don't like "cute" like Pixar's movies and most animated movies in general other than the direct to DVD/Blu-Ray PG-13 Marvel and DC comics movies ,which almost as good as some of the live action movies, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But we do like a lot of animated TV shows (not stupid shows like the Simpsons).

Megamind is not based on a comic book but it is a parody on comic book movies.

Directed by: Tom McGrath
Genre: Animated, Comedy
Release date: November 5, 2010 (2010-11-05)
Running Time: 98 minutes
MMPA rating: PG

The Good: The funniest animated movie I have ever seen, All-Star cast of actors, Surprisingly clever plot, Excellent use of icensedl 80s music and Hans Zimmer music, Many hilarious jokes about comic book and other subjects,

The Bad:

We did not post the movie's trailer because it has major spoilers in the trailer!

Plot: Megamind (Will Ferrell) is a super-intelligent alien, a (self-proclaimed) incredibly handsome genius and master of all villainy, and (also self-proclaimed but with more to back it up) villain of the fictional Metro City. Megamind has constantly battled and lost to his nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt) ever since they both arrived on Earth as infants. On the day that Metro City dedicates a museum to their protector, Megamind and his only friend and sidekick Minion (David Cross) kidnap reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey) and lure Metro Man into a copper-lined room. To everyone's surprise, Metro Man is unable to escape and appears to be killed when Megamind's death ray strikes him. Megamind revels in his victory against Metro Man, but shortly after becomes depressed, his villainy having no meaning without anyone to stop him.
While attempting to destroy the museum (which he successfully does), Megamind disguises himself as its curator Bernard (Ben Stiller) (after he dehydrates Bernard into a small cube) to avoid being found by Roxanne and ends up talking with her. Megamind is inspired by a comment from Roxanne to create a superhero by injecting a worthy target with a serum fashioned from Metro Man's DNA, granting them Metro Man's super-abilities. As Megamind is selecting his target, Roxanne sneaks into his lair; in the resulting chaos, Megamind accidentally fires the serum into Hal, Roxanne's cameraman (Jonah Hill). Taking advantage of the gullible Hal, Megamind appears to the transformed human as his "space dad", grooming Hal into a new superhero named Tighten and preparing him to fight Megamind. Meanwhile, Megamind has become attracted to Roxanne, and continues to date her using his Bernard disguise. Watch the movie to what happens next.

Plot: 8.4/10- Remember we are comparing it to other animated movies. The plot was a hilarious parody similar Superman's story but from a "what if the villain won prospective" and it worked great.

Action: 7.6/10- Megamind is a comedy but it did have some action.

Acting: 8.4/10- Megamind had an All-Star comedy cast that gave hilarious performances for a animated movie.

Art Style: 8.5/10- It looked looked like most of the other Dreamworks movies.

Soundtrack: 9.5/10- Megamind had a awesome soundtrack of licensed music including   "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis, "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne, "Bad To The Bone" George Thorogood And The Destroyers, an awesome Han Zimmer soundtrack and many others

Comedy: 8.8/10- Megamind is the funniest animated comedy we have ever seen with hilarious parodies on many subjects.

Overall: 8.0/10- Overall Megamind is the best animated comedy to dated.

Closing comments: Megamind is good for a animated and that is highly recommend if you like animated movies.

Recommended for: Animated movie fans, Comedy fans, Comic Book movie fans,


  1. I'm still debating over this one, a lot of my friends didn't like it. But I've seen several trailers and I think it's something I would enjoy. I always find 'Villain point of view' very interesting and different.

    If I get around to watching it, I'll have to come back and rate it!



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