Monday, October 17, 2011

Which Lord of the Rings movies is the best and The Hobbit Behind the Scenes!

We are taking a break from comic book review today so we decided make post about "Which Lord of the Rings is Best"

Some of you might be confused thinking that we like some comic book movies more than The Lord of the Rings movies. That is not true the only movies we like more than Lord of the Rings is Star Wars. We want to know what is you favorite Lord of the Rings movie our favorite is The Return of the King but we can't decide which is better between The Two Towers or The Fellowship of the Ring which is your favorite of those two?

Now about the Hobbit. We are super excited about the Hobbit and we can't wait to see how Gollum is going to look with the new advancements in CGI technology. We predict that it will be the best movie of 2012 hands down but we hope it makes a lot more money than The Dark Knight Rises and is not over shaddowed by it because there are a lot of hype about it(we know we said we would not talk bad about The Dark Knight any more but come on its The Hobbit). If you have read the book(we have not read it) please post a comment if you think the Hobbit has source material to be better than the Lord of the Rings movies? Does it have the grand scale compared to The Hobbit? And does it have the epic battles that the Lord of the Rings had?

Can't get enough of The Hobbit here are some of the behind the scenes video blog form The Hobbit.

I posted this video before the but other one are new.


  1. First off, I think The Two Towers is better than The Fellowship (mainly because of the men of Rohan).
    Second off: You might think this is unfortunate, but The Hobbit book is not close to the scale of epicness of LOTR. It's a straight quest story. Count on it to be far funnier, though. The book is. As to battles, there should be one large one in the first film, (though it'll probably be in the second) and one huge one at the end of the second. Any other major fights would be director's embellishment.
    Also, why worry about overshadowing? Hobbit comes out in December six months after Batman. If there are more Batman than Hobbit fans, so be it, but I possibly agree with you on that more forcefully than you agree with yourself... hahaha...

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  3. I agree with JT/King Valun -- The Hobbit isn't even close to being on the same scale as LOTR in terms of battles. It's more a more character based/driven story. The spider fight in Mirkwood should be interesting, though... Not to mention we get to see more of Imladris!!!!

    As for my favorite movie... I don't have one. In each movie, there are individual scenes that I absolutely LOVE, and together they make up my favorite movie trilogy of all time. Since technically the Lord of the Rings is actually one book (not the three everyone breaks it up into), to choose one movie over the other feels... wrong somehow.

  4. I like TTT best.
    The Hobbit should be quite cool. At the comic con the One was there and I got a Hobbit shirt from them. I'm excited to see the Hobbit because Gandalf will be there and all the Dwarves.

  5. I still need to see these films, I think I know what I'm doing with my next day off!


  6. @JT/King Valun: I figure it wouldn't because it is aimed a younger demographic than the Lord of the Rings movies.

    @Eldra: Thanks for the comment.

    @Sophia: More Gandalf is always a good thing. :)

    @A Cynical Geek: They are must see movies.


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