Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doctor Who Season 6 review.

We have watched Doctor Who since the series began in 2005 so we decided to review season 6 of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who season 6 ended last night and is sure ended with a bang.

 Please post a comment and tell you watch the show.

Channel: BBCAmerica, BBC 2

This a review for all of season(series) 6 including the first half of the season.
Best episodes:Day of the Moon, The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes To War, Let's Kill Hitler, The Wedding of River Song, Closing Time

Worst episodes: There weren't any stand out bad episodes.

Good: Best show on television by far, Most of the episodes are hilarious, Excellent soundtrack, Started with the most shocking event we have ever seen for a season premier, Great acting, Almost every episode is always moving forward never a slow moment, The Silence are a great new enemies, Amazing special effects a TV show, Shocking finale, Proved that bo ties and fez are cool.


Plot: 9.7/10- This a score for the season 6 as a whole including all episodes. Extremely shocking season premier and a shocking finale you never know what is going to happen next.

Action: 8.7/10- Doctor Who does have not many shooting or fight scenes but it is always moving and ever gets boring.

Acting: 9.6/10- All of the cast is amazing and Matt Smith is perfect for the Doctor.

Special effects: 8.5/10- Most of the effects are really good for a TV show but a few of them you can tell it is fake.

Soundtrack: 9.5/10- Some of the best soundtrack ever not just in a TV show.

Comedy: 9.7/10- Most of the episodes are hilarious with comedy though out and some of the episodes are funny enough to be a comedy.

Overall: 9.6/10- Doctor Who proved yet again that is the best show on television and one of the funniest but it is not always a comedy.

Closing comments: Doctor Who is an excellent show that you should watch if you have any interest in quality television. You can get all of the seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix but we reconmend you start with season 5.

Recommended for: Anyone, Sci-Fi fans,


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  2. I know of another British sci-fi show. It's called Primeval. It's really good or in cool Brit slang, it's fab, :). My dad actually got me hooked on it. I've been looking for it all over on all channels, including BBC America, but, nope. not on.

  3. BTW, thanks 4 the awesome comment on my recent post on the movie Goodbye Mr. Chips. I've seriously been trying to find Primeval, I miss it, lol. It seriously was a cool show, and normally i don't get into the whole sci-fi scene.


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