Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tomorrowland First Reaction

Hello again everyone, I have just gotten back from seeing Tomorrowland, the latest Disney film starring George Clooney and directed by Brad Bird. As with all First Reaction posts, here's my first reaction: if you are already planning to go see the film, go for it; otherwise, wait for my full review tomorrow to help you decide whether it is something you want to see.

You may be wondering why I am not reviewing Mad Max: Fury Road. That's because the local theater only shows one film every two weeks, and Mad Max was, unfortunately, not one of them. Otherwise, I would have definitely gone to see it. However, I will definitely be able to see Jurassic World in a couple of weeks, so look for that review.

Oddly enough, Tomorrowland is the first PG rated film that I have seen more than a decade. Spy Kids 3 and Finding Nemo were the last ones back in 2003 if I remember correctly, and of course then, I was a kid.

Thankfully, almost everyone was quiet, and only one person used a cellphone one time, so that's always a plus. I am curious, at the theaters you go to, how often do people use their cellphones during the film? It is becoming more common of late for me.

As always, if you reviewed the film, let me know in the comments, and please check back tomorrow for the review.

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  1. I have to admit that I pay very little attention to people in theaters. I go to the theater for the immersive experience, and get sucked into the film (unless it's awful) to the extent that I don't notice my physical surroundings anymore. Unless they're sitting next to me or straight in front of me, I don't see it. In the past year or so, I can think of only one instance of a person using their phone after the trailers and the "please turn off your phone now" spiel were over -- and it was a woman in her 60s at least, which kind of cracked me up.

    1. I often do get sucked into really great movies, but in the local theater, everyone is essentially on the same level with only slight incline, so it is hard not to see when someone turns on a phone. Plus, there are only about 30 people in the theater most times, so there is nothing blocking the view.

      Funny story though! And thanks giving me your two cents on the topic. It is interesting to hear other people theatrical experiences.


    2. Yes, I know how those smaller theaters go -- before I had kids, we lived in a small town that had its own theater with I think 8 screens. Some of them only had like 9 or 10 rows of seats. So teensy and cosy! I went to so so so so many movies there. Loved it.

      Worse than the phone users are the people who make comments about the movie out loud. People with phones should have them taken away, but people who talk aloud should be slapped.


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