Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daredevil News: Punisher has been Cast!

Exciting news for the upcoming season two of Netflix's Daredevil! The Punisher will be played by Jon Bernthal. Bernthal is most well known for playing Shane on The Walking Dead. Bernthal seems to be a good fit for the part, especially with the gritty tone of the Daredevil series. My only small issue, which is very much a personal thing, is that he one of the few actors that I cannot separate from his previous role as Shane, aka the most terrible scumbag in television. Other than that, I believe he will work well in the role. As for Punisher as a character, he is Marvel's vigilante that kills people with guns. He might show mercy sometimes, but once you are his target, often criminals, but occasionally heroes, he will take you down. In some ways, he is an interesting opposing force with similar goals to Daredevil, so I cannot wait for the next season. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and let me know! Also, check back tomorrow for my Father's Day special post of the Top 5 Fathers in Movies!

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  2. Great choice in my opinion, think he's going to kill it!


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