Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spider-Man Actor and Director Announced!

Tom Holland is officially cast as the new Spider-Man in the MCU! And Jon Watts is set to direct. Holland is 19 years old and his most notable film is The Impossible, a 2012 film where he was nominated for several up-and-coming actor awards. Having not seen any of his work myself, I cannot vouch for his acting skill; however, considering what others are saying, I think he has the potential to be a great Peter Parker. Interestingly, Holland uploads videos of himself performing stunt flips on his Instagram, so maybe he will be able to do some of his own stunts. As good as Butterfield is as an actor, he was never someone that I could see as Peter Parker, so casting a virtual unknown has worked in the past and there is no reason it should not work now. 

As for the director, Jon Watts, his only credits are for Clown and Cop Car. Clown is a horror film that received decent reviews from horror film websites. Cop Car is an upcoming Kevin Bacon drama thriller. Essentially, Watts has done almost nothing. Considering how many great films we have gotten from little known directors, I am not terribly worried. With that said, I am curious as to what made Sony decide on Watts to direct with his lack of experience. 

Right now, there is nothing to do but wait for Holland's appearance in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Never seen him act before either, but I like him already. It's great that he still actually a teenager, and I have confidence in his acting skills. For one he's British so we know he can at least do a convincing American accent. :P Plus he has a background on stage -- playing Billy Elliot, which explains those very cool Instagram videos. :D That would be so neat if he did some of his own stunts. He'd better! That's something the past Spider-Man actors couldn't do, and they really need to do some new things with this one!

  2. I was personally hoping for a different actor, like Osric Chau, since I saw some ideas for a non-white Spider-Man on the internet, which I thought would be a good idea. I've never seen the actor, though- hopefully he'll be good at the part.

  3. I said this somewhere else, but I'm still so attached to Peter Garfield's Spider-Man, he was awesome as the new modern Spidey. I don't know if my heart can take another Spidey so quickly...hopefully it will all work out!



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