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Top 100 Movies: Part 9: 20-11.

Top 20! From this point on, all of the films featured on my blog's header above are on the list from this on. Hopefully next week I can post my Top 10 and then my two video tributes and an updated Top 100 list.

At Number 20: The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is an excellent movie, one of the better comic book movies ever made and a blast to watch. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker is 95% of the reason why the movie is great, not to say that the other parts are not great, but the Joker was much more interesting than anything about Nolan's Batman. In the end, The Dark Knight is just a ton of fun watch. " "How about a magic trick, watch me make this pencil disappear."

At Number 19: The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises is a true enigma. The entertainment side of brain enjoyed the heck out it because it was a lot of fun, yet the logical side is saying "How can you enjoy a movie with so many plot holes that are even more apparent upon each viewing!". Well, the entertainment side won in the end because it ranks so highly on this list. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was 96% of the reason why I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises so much. Among the characters Nolan adapted to the big screen, she was the closest to how I envisioned the character from the comics. If you enjoy the movie as I do that's great, if not, more power to you. I will not go into detail as to what plot holes I am referring to, just watch the "Honest Trailer" or "Cinema Sins" videos.

At Number 18: Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 is one of those really relatable films that does everything right. Because few people, other than film critics, actually like Spider-Man 2 near as much as I do, here are some interesting stats backing up why this is one of my favorite films. 1: It holds a higher "Rotten Tomatoes" rating than The Dark Knight Rises. 2: Roger Ebert gave it 4/4 stars and cited it as the best comic book to date. 3: Leonard Maltin included it on his "Best Films of the Decade" list, not The Dark Knight and stated it was the best comic book film until The Avengers.

At Number 17: Thor
An unorthodox choice for sure, Thor took me surprise in 2011 by how well it transferred the Asgardian realm to the big screen. Thor had to have been the most difficult to get right among The Avengers, or any comic book character for that matter, to make work on film but Kenneth Branagh brought the world of Asgard to life. The film's brotherly conflict between Thor and Loki was the heart of its success to me though. Also Loki being the best movie villain since Darth Vader didn't either.  

At Number 16: Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America is been my favorite comic book hero and The First Avenger is probably the most accurate to source material comic book film to date. Captain America: The First Avenger was a fantastic throwback to classic films from 40s in terms of style, which worked brilliantly at giving the audience an "old-timey" feel. Also it made me feel proud to be an American yet the patriotism never felt overpowering as to distract from film's story.
Captain America: The First Avenger

At Number 15: Iron Man
Iron Man, the first stepping stone on the rode to The Avengers, could the movie have been any better? Never before has an actor owned his role like Robert Downey Jr. did as Tony Stark. Iron Man the first successful "B-List" hero to be adapted to the big screen and now he is a household name, maybe even Marvel's most popular hero. Gwyneth Paltrow was impeccable as Pepper Potts. Her dialogue with Downey is some of the best I have seen in a film to date.

At Number 14: Iron Man 3
Sure, it may be a little early to rank Iron Man 3 so highly on my list, but as of right now, it certainly its place on the list. When I re-watch the film the ranking may change and I can just change the list. Never before have I been so utterly shocked and dumbfounded sitting in theaters than Iron Man 3, which is saying something since I usually spot plot twists before they happen. Iron Man 3 concluded the Iron Man trilogy in spectacular and satisfying fashion.

At Number 13: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Unlike the other Star Wars prequels, I believe Revenge of the Sith is a legitimately good movie. It definitely has its flaws, but there is a lot to like about Ep. III. For the most part it wraps up loose ends, gave us a satisfying conclusion, and some insanely awesome Lightsaber battles. Ewan McGregor really came into his own and Hayden Christensen even gave a watchable performance.

At Number 12: The Matrix
The Matrix, still blowing minds 14 years later! The action scenes in the film are a true spectacle. In terms of one-on-one, hand-to-hand fights, The Matrix is unmatched. Watching the film helped me as a critic to become more skilled in critiquing action scenes and fight choreography. The Matrix is the ultimate tech-geek/cyber-punk film and being a tech-geek myself, that is one of the many reason it appeals to me.

At Number 11: Inception
Inception in two words: Mind Blowing! Not only is Inception an awesome film, it was the film that launched my film critiquing hobby because it was the first film that I reviewed. Christopher Nolan crafted one of the most original films since Star Wars with Inception. While a few of the concepts may have been used before, the way he made it came together worked so brilliantly and, to my knowledge, has never been done before or since.
Inception Review.

What do you think of the list thus far? Please comment below.
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  1. The closer the list gets to the beginning, the more films I recognize :D.
    Great list, so many good films! :D

    The Dark Knight - I agree, it's a good movie, but the Joker is the best part of it(I watched it a couple of years ago so I might watch it again at some point now that I've seen the first film).

    The Dark Knight Rises - I also liked this film a lot; Catwoman was awesome and I loved her scenes. The rest of the film was really good and I liked the twist at the end.

    Spider-Man 2 - I agree, it was definitely the best of the original Spider-Man trilogy and does a lot of things right. I loved the plot and Peter Parker is very relate-able.

    Thor - My favorite Avenger(and my second favorite comic book movie after the Avengers)! :D I also agree, the best part about it was the Thor and Loki dynamic/conflict and was so well done(and I agree, Loki is definitely one of the best villains). I also enjoyed watching Thor and Loki grow as characters over the course of the movie(and, of course, all the funny scenes were great too XD.

    Captain America - Another good film- I also enjoyed the forties feel and how the patriotic part wasn't overbearing(which annoys me if it is way over the top) and I also really liked Peggy as a character, she was great! :) And I liked the quote Steve Rogers says at the end and the beginning.

    Iron Man - The first really awesome superhero movie I ever watched, actually! :) I agree, Robert Downey Jr. was perfect in the role and so was Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Iron Man 3 - Just plain epic and awesomeness!! :D (I'll tell you more about my thoughts in email).

    Revenge of the Sith - My favorite Star Wars film and my favorite movie overall!!! :D :D I love it so much! :D

    The Matrix - I agree, it is a very awesome film with a really cool concept. Like you said, the hand-to-hand combat was awesome and, since I do martial arts, I really liked how good the fighting was(I even knew some of the maneuvers they were using) :D.

    Inception - Such a good mindbending film! :D I really enjoyed this one and how the plot was structured and basically the entire idea. And like you said, it's definitely one of the most original films to date :)

    Wow, that was a long comment XD

  2. The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises, great points on both of these. While I really love both, TDK still wins out for me.

    Thor took me by surprise as well, thought it could have been a diaster but it wasn't even close, thanks to a strong director.

  3. I love how the list has turned out!!

    The Dark Knight: certainly agree that The Joker is what makes the movie, he kept it from being ordinary for me, personally.

    The Dark Knight Rises was good but not really a favorite of mine.

    I don't remember Spider-Man 2 very well because it blends into the first Spider-Man because I saw them very close together. It was good though; Peter and Mary Jane annoy me however.

    Thor is amazing!!! The movie was the perfect way to introduce him and Loki!


    Iron Man was really really good, I need to rewatch it again; that was the perfect way to kick of Phase One.

    Iron Man 3 was a-maaaaz-ing! Tony and Pepper forever!

    Revenge of the Sith, certainly better then Attack of the Clones or Phantom Menace, I love how all the pieces just fit together like they did.

    I still have the Matrix sitting here! I will watching it, I promise! :D

    INCEPTION! Why hasn't Leonardo won an oscar yet?!


  4. Spiderman 2 is actually my least favourtie Spiderman movie out of the trilogy. I think my favourtie out of the three has got to be the third one, which I know you dislike very much. :)

    Thor is awesome!!! So going to go see the second at the movies!!! :D
    I own Captain America and I do like it just takes more time to get into, I love Bucky!! I just hope they don't ruin the second.
    Iron Man was great to watch and I love Pepper Potts, but it is not my favourtie

    Iron Man 3 is my favourtie, it was AMAZING!!! I loved how he sneaked into the Mandarin's Palace and everything! Also the best villian I think, too.

    I don't like Revenge of the Sith very much, namely because Anakin is turns to the dark side and he is my ultimate favourite star wars character!!! The start is awesome though. It would have been great if they had had an Anakin more like in RotS in AotC. So yeah I usually avoid this movie and just watch the start of it. :)

    God Bless,

  5. @Shena Tokala: Thank you so much for the extra long comment about each film! :D

    You should definitely give Dark Knight another try. :)

    Catwoman was the best, and yes that twist was well done, even if comic book fans like myself saw it coming.

    Exactly my point about Spider-Man 2, glad we agree. :)

    Ranking the Avengers movies was so hard, because all of them were so amazing!

    Revenge of the Sith is so awesome, I remember watching it for the first time on DVD and loved it. :)

    Thanks for the long comment!

    @Daniel: TDK Vs TDKR is always flipping between which is my favorite, but they are about the same even if TDK was a better film.

    My thoughts as well.

    @Jamie: Thank you Jamie!

    Yep, without the Joker, The Dark Knight would have been average at best.

    I guess watching them in such short succession and that the first two were kind similar in tone would make them blend together.

    Loki! That's all that needs to be said.

    The first Spider-Man is kind of like that to me because it got me started into Marvel comics. :) Cap was so well done, loved it! :D

    I was completely floored after watching Iron Man 3, it was so AWESOME!

    Much better than the other prequels to be sure.

    Watch the Matrix!!!!! lol

    I know right, Leo was fantastic.

    Thank you for the extra long comment! :)

    @Vellvin: Really? The Venom and Emo-Peter really ruined the third for me.

    Can't wait for The Dark World! :D

    Yeah, the Cap 2 does not look great so far, hope it does not disappoint.

    That was one of my favorite part of Iron Man 3 as well, and I agree one of the best villains.

    That's surprising since the Prequels are your favorite but I agree Anakin should have showed more of his Darker side in AOTC.

    Thank you for the long comment!


  6. I agree 100% on all of them except Revenge of the sith, and spiderman 2. All the other movies are pure genius.

  7. Grrreat list! I Love inception too. It proves that movies are not all mindless entertainment. That movie was very thought-provoking!

  8. @Alana: Thank you! It seems that I am the person on the planet who likes Spider-Man 2 this much. lol

    @Sith Photographer: Thanks! I know, Inception is the one of the best big budget action flick mixed with an intense mind bending film, basically perfect.


    1. I just can't stand any of that series of Spider-Man movies....

  9. I think your list is fantastic a must read for anyone looking for some great movies to watch for the first time or revisit.
    Cant wait to see the top ten.

  10. @Steve: Thank you very much Steve, I really appreciate the support.



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