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Ender's Game Trailer Review.

Ender's Game, a science fiction film based on a novel of the same name and will be released on November 1, 2013. It has been described as Hunger Games meets Starship troopers and from the trailer it could turn out well. The cast is good featuring, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley and my favorite actor Harrison Ford. Also Clone Wars veteran Dee Bradley Baker (All Clones) is said to lend his voice in the film as well in an yet to be announced role.
While not blown away, Ender's Game trailer does looks promising. Butterfield gave a good performance in "Hugo" and I look forward to seeing him in another role. Since this is a teaser, not a lot has been revealed, which is good because most trailers reveal far too many major plot points. I believe Ender's Game could and probably will, be better than the next Hunger Games. My main concern is that there will be far too much teen-angst and drama, which rarely works. Only the Spider-Man, Back to the Future and Harry Potter franchises have done it well. It is good to see a new sci-fi franchise set in space against aliens, it almost reminds me of the "Hero's Duty" game from Wreck-It Ralph, which I need to review soon.

JT: Ender's Game is a sci-fi novel/series that was actually written a couple decades ago. (When I found it I thought it was more recent. Explains why there's no "Enderverse" fandom despite it's "worldwide bestseller" status.) It's set a century or so in the future, by which time humanity has, among other things, established space bases and discovered ETs. (Well, actually the ETs found us, but more on that later.) To defend against the threat of another ET invasion, the international battle-school scours the world for child prodigies and brings them up to orbit to train for galactic style warfare. The word I've seen is that the movie is going to be based both on Ender's game and it's spin-off parallel story, Ender's Shadow, which involves another kid, named Bean, who takes part in many of Ender's experiences.

James: Since I know very little about the "Enderverse", JT will be taking point on the commentary.

JT: These three scenes above are footage of the previous alien attack as seen in Battle School.
JT: Harrison Ford is the school commander. He's really basically just the principal.
James: With this and 42 Harrison Ford is making a comeback into major film.
JT: Wierdest looking... space station...ever. It looks like an Apollo lander tipped sideways.
JT: Whoa, that is dizzying. That there is the "battle room" where the intramural laser tag takes place. The triangles are just obstructions for the purpose of dodging.
James: This slightly reminds me of Tron: Legacy, plus battle room type scenes usually turn out being very fun to watch.
JT: This looks like the cockpit of a galactic fighter jet. This is an alien invasion movie anyway.
JT: Ender joins team lizard? He gets bounced around and is later given team Dragon to lead.
 JT: Random kids in the team dorm staring at Ender.
JT: Ben Kingsley has arrived. It's up to the movie to explain what he is doing. If my guess is correct, Kingsley is involved in an important twist.
James: Kingsley has some crazy tattoos, his backstory should be interesting.

JT: I do not know who those characters are or where they are. It's one of the places that exploded during the galactic warfare.
James: Impressive visuals, hopefully they did not blow their budget on the trailer.
JT: In the book there is one girl on Ender's team. Yes, they have a friend-zone thing going on.
James: Even though Butterfield and Steinfeld are the same age (15-16), Steinfeld looks much older, at least from the trailer. The possible kind of romance thing might seem extremely awkward and fake.
JT: Yep, she's supposed to be older, but then in the original Ender is only six or seven, but they couldn't do that...
JT: Again, Can't say who they are, but the place is the tubes inside battle-school, in which case the people are most likely Ender and his sidekick Bean.
JT: I do not recall that she is part of the story, but it's likely since there is not much reason to create new characters.
JT: No I can't say what's going on, but it appears to be some sort of training.
James: Space baseball, or something kind of similar.
JT: This, I believe, is Ender's sister. He's unwinding on Earth.
James: Good, not a girlfriend, it does look like they could be related.

JT: And here we get some cool intergalactic effects that might remind you of Star Wars...
James: The touch screen kind of thing looks great visually, hopefully it will translate well throughout the film.
JT: Kablooie goes the planet!

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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to this. I really need to read the book.

  2. That's the same kid as in Hugo?! *mind blown* When did he grow up? lol.

    Not sure if I'll be seeing this movie since I haven't read the books and the trailer isn't bone chilling or anything; Harrison Ford would be the only draw for me. :)


  3. Being a total noob to this universe, your run through gave me a lot of good information about this trailer.

    Trailer didn't get me exicted but I'll withold judgement until I see more.

  4. Great review of the trailer :D. In the original story there wasn't any teen angst(since the kids were all around six years old) and focused on the effects war has on children- hopefully, they will focus on that in the movie, since I think that would make it more powerful. In the book, there wasn't anything romantic between Ender and Petra(the girl); in fact, there wasn't any romance until the second book and even then it was done well. It looks like a good film and is hopefully a good adaption of a wonderful book :).

  5. I have not read the book either, but my brother has. I agree with you two; the trailer didn't blow me away, but I definitely have high hopes for it.

    1. Hopefully the movie will not disappoint. Thanks for commenting on this older post.



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