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Top 100 Movies: Part 7: 40-31.

 More Top 100 Movies! Tomorrow please check back for an overview of the Star Trek franchise.

At Number 40: The Bourne Ultimatum
The first Bourne film was fantastic, it set the new standard for modern action films and gave audiences a new kind of hero, however The Bourne Ultimatum completely blew it out of the water with more thrills and a satisfying conclusion to an excellent trilogy. The Ultimatum wraps everything up nicely giving the audience the answers they want combined with some visceral fight scenes.

At Number 39: The Prestige
Before Christopher Nolan had The Dark Knight and Inception, he made a lesser known film named The Prestige. This is the kind of film that you will either love or hate depending on how you take the big plot twist and obviously I loved it. Nolan must really enjoy screwing the audience's head, because this and Inception are loaded with so many plot twists and turns that it will make your head spin!

At Number 38: Casino Royale
Daniel Craig's dark and damaged reboot of the classic James Bond could have been disastrous, however, it turned out to be the best Bond yet. It revitalized the Bond franchise made it relevant for the modern era. Casino Royale is the Bond film that both fans and newcomers can enjoy, it is the equivalent to Batman Begins for the Bond franchise, except even better.
Casino Royale (21st Bond movie) Review.

At Number 37: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
After watching Sergio Leone's other Spaghetti Westerns, which were good but not great, my expectations for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly were rather low. However, it completely surprised me with one of the best westerns ever made! The film had a slow pace, particularly in the beginning, but sped up later on and told a truly unique and often humorous western epic. 

At Number 36: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Yes, Mask of the Phantasm is animated but that makes it no less of an amazing film. It does more in 76 minutes than most films do in three hours. Based on Batman: The Animated Series, Mask of the Phantasm features the fantastic voice cast of the best Batman, Kevin Conroy, and Mark Hamil's brilliant take on the Joker. Unlike other adaptations of Batman, Mask of the Phantasm is a mystery as well as an action/adventure film that is more mature than live action films. It is almost criminal how forgotten this animated masterpiece, it is easily my favorite animated film ever made.  
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Review.

At Number 35: North by Northwest
North by Northwest, another one of the many classic made by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. North by Northwest was so far ahead when it was released in 1959 and its influence can be clearly seen in most later thrillers. However, few, if any, do it better than this classic, an absolute must see for any classic film fan.
North by Northwest Review.

At Number 34: Die Hard
Die Hard, one of the most influential action movies of all-time and one of the best. At the time, only Indiana Jones was a better pure action hero than John McClane, Bruce Willis brought a believability to the role that made the character relatable compared to most action heroes from the era. The claustrophobia the building made Die Hard unique and it has yet to be captured since, even in the mediocre sequels.

At Number 33: Back to the Future
Few films pack so much pure entertainment into 116 minutes of film, but Back to the Future somehow manages to do it. Alan Silvestri's uplifting score is perfect and the film has a great quirky sense of humor that just works. The plot is clever and it is even funnier upon multiple viewings! I had a smile plastered on my face from start to finish, the entire movie is pure, unadulterated, fun, there is no better description.

At Number 32: Rear Window
Rear Window, hand down the most suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat film I have ever seen. This film showed me what true suspense and tension is and it broadened my perspective of film, which helped me become a better film critic. Rear Window is Alfred Hitchcock at his finest, thoroughly suspenseful, even if the beginning is a tad slow.

At Number 31: Spider-Man
Spider-Man is the film that made me a comic book fan, while the first X-Men and Burton Batman movies made me interested in superheroes, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trued it into the obsession that it is today. It is one of the few movies that has made a mostly profound impact similar to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, because I would not a film critic today without it. I have seen it countless times and watch at least one or two times every year, it is one of those type of films to me. Many still dislike this Spider-Man, but it paved the way for more comic book movies and remains the template to make all other origin stories from.
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  1. I like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Casino Royale, The Prestige and The Bourne Ultimatum.


  2. I really need to see Mask of the Phantasm. I've heard so many good things about it, but just never gotten around to it.

  3. The prestige.. goodness that's an excellent movie.I wish that each time I watched it, it could be like the first time... I love that movie so much..

    Die Hard is a classic. I completely agree that aside from Indiana Jones.. John is the best. I love those movies so much..

  4. The Prestige one of my favorite films around, probably one of the best constructed films in recent memory.

    Casino Royale got me interested in Bond again.

    Mask of the Phantasm in terribly underrated film.

  5. Great film choices! :D I also loved the first Spider-Man film, it was really exciting and well done! :). I also loved Back to the Future- it was awesome, I loved the time travel, and it was hilarious!! XD (I loved the Star Wars references! XD).

    I haven't seen these other movies, but I've heard they were really good and sound like films I would enjoy. :)

  6. I enjoyed the first Spider-Man movie, the problem for me is that I watched it too many times too close together and wore it out to fast. I think I saw it three times in a week (once by myself, once with either my Mom or Kayla, and the with the whole family). But I liked it enough to actually purchase it!

    BACK TO THE FUTURE, THAT WAS SO GOOD I LOVED THAT MOVIE!. I still need to borrow the sequels though, but I might do that after I get Kayla to watch it. :)

    DIE HARD JASKDFJAKLSJKDFLAJ I really really really love that movie that was SO. GOOD! A MUST SEE certainly!

    I've seen North by Northwest at least twice.... I can't remember that much except that it wasn't an absolute favorite of mine or anything but I enjoyed Cary Grant's performance very much. I remember liking the part with the tiny shaver! lol!

    I need to see Mask of the Phantasm, especially since my guy friends want my opinion on Mark's Joker and I have none. So, I need to put this on my watch soon list for sure!

    And I would like to see The Prestige, but not sure when I will.

    I love these posts, James!!!


  7. @Buddy2Blogger: Glad we agree on those films.

    @Jordan: Yes you should, it was on YouTube but was taken down recently.

    @Alana: I was so shocked when I watched it the first time, I could not believe the ending. But the twist was completely validated and not a cop out.
    Not a fan of the Die Hard sequels, except for third and maybe the fourth, I hated the second.

    @Daniel: 100% agree with you on the film's construction. Although I enjoy Nolan's other films more, The Prestige is his least flawed in terms of plot holes, compared to The Dark Knight.

    @Shena Tokala: Thank you! :D OF these I think you would enjoy The Prestige the most. :)

    @Jamie: Yeah, that can ruin a movie unfortunately. :( There is no telling how many times I watched over the years, it was my first DVD along with AOTC. :)

    Just so much to love about it isn't there!
    "JASKDFJAKLSJKDFLAJ" That pretty much sums up how awesome Die Hard is!

    The tiny shaver, not sure if I remember that part.

    Yes, watch it, please watch it! Mark so great as the Joker, if Ledger was not so amazing, Hamil would easily be the best.

    You would probably enjoy the Prestige.

    Thank you, I love your comments!



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