Sunday, October 14, 2012

He's Back for SHIELD TV Series!

Warning major Avengers spoilers ahead!
Breaking news! At the New York Comic-Con it has been confirmed that Agent Coulson is going to be staring the up-coming SHIELD TV series! As everyone how watched The Avengers knows, it was his heroic sacrifice formed The Avengers in possibly the best death scene ever filmed. It is unclear how Coulson will be back, the series could be set before The Avengers or Coulson could be brought back to life in some way. While I am still skeptical about his return considering how powerful his death was, if it is handled well I will go with it, plus the series will a lot better with Clark Gregg on it. What do you think of this reveal? Please comment below.

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  1. While I wish they wouldn't bring him back, I won't claim if they do because I love Coulson and it's hard to imagine SHEILD without him!


  2. @Vincent the awesome: Same here, it should be awesome.

    @Jamie: I know, I am so conflicted about it.


  3. I have no idea how this is going to work. I've heard many theories of why he's still alive.

    One is that he was never dead. This seems a cop out, but I guess Nick Fury would say he's dead if it meant uniting the Avengers.

    One of my favorite theories I've heard (because it's ludicrous) is that he'll be brought back as an AI and will become the Vision.

  4. @Ian Drury: I know, it really does not make much sense how he will come back.
    I have heard that theory as well, there is a line by Fury after he died "I've lost my one good eye when agent coulson died" or something to that effect but that could be a reference to the Vision. They could use his brain patterns like Wonder Man in the comics, although it would really have to change the comics around about how the Vision was created, since there is no Ultron and Hank Pym yet.



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